Week in Review 2/7/14

New cars, new Rivals events, and news from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show! The Week in Review is here!

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Congratulations on winning “Best Racing Game” at the Dice awards down in Vegas…! Great job Turn 10…!

Could you send me an HKS Lancer Evo? gt- oSkyHigh

Congratulations on the award! And Congrats to the Seahawks! Thought for sure that you would have slipped something about the win in the review. It’s okay to gloat a little :wink:

Congrats on yet another award! Time to keep testing the new cars now…I can’t wait for what you have prepared for us next :slight_smile:

Unicorn: 2010 Mazda MX-5 Superlight (Horizon)

Loving the new rivals events. I’m having fun beating John in “Giant Killer”. Congrats to Tiffany for winning the contest. The car looks awesome! I didn’t really get to participate in the Game with Devs event, so I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

GT: SlimyTurt1e
FM5 credits

Nice to see that DICE award, well done all! Our Forza can’t be all that bad, eh?

And well done Tiffany on that design.

Congratulations for the winning of the “Best Racing Game” at the Dice awards. All the best Turn 10.

GT: Gjuergen
Unicorn: FH: 2010 Saleen S5S Raptor

Im so jealous of Tiffany she done such a great job on that Civic. It looks amazing! And Gongratulations Turn10 for the Best Racing Game Award it really do you justice it’s such a great game i absolutely love every Forza released.

GT: Chris Ace 92
F4 Unicorn: 1969 Chevy Camaro SS Coupe

Congrats for the awards and thanks for the new rival challeng

Fm4 Unicorn: 2002 mine’s r34 skyline

Congrats T10 on winning that award from the DICE Awards, and Tiffany on seeing her design come to life at the auto show! The Honda pack looks very nice, along with the February pack!

GT: SpeedDemon0388

Unicorn: Mazda RX7 Spirit R


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Congratulations on the Award - keep up the good work :). The car packs look very nice. Tiffany has done such a great job on that Civic, it´s amazing. The visitors of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show will be extremly delighted.

GT: Ramirez1078
unicorn FM4: Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Was there at the auto show just yesterday and it was a blast, first auto show I’ve gone to. Was cool to finally be able to try out Forza with a wheel/pedal setup at Honda’s Forza booth too, and Tiffany’s Civic looked fantastic! :slight_smile:

Great post! Keep it up! I can’t wait to see what other cars you will be showing in the upcoming DLC packs! Make it good!

Unicorn: FM4 Top Secret Silvia S15

I Wish i could get FM5 on the 360, the car pack looks great!
Fm4: HKS Time Attack Evo

Congrats on the best racing game award turn10!

GT xTheGamingWolfx
S5S raptor (Horizon)

Congrats on best racing game award. FM4 UNICORN 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia GT S c o o t e r
Baldwin Gt is w/o spaces for some reason it blocks Scooter out like a swear word. Also same as user name

I’ve been to the Chicago Auto Show a number of times, it is absolutely a blast. I definitely need to find my way there again next year.

GT: poppunknerd182
FM4 Unicorn: 2002 Toyota Top Secret 0-300 Supra


Congratulations on the award!

GT: Fireproogfx
FM5: Credits