WEC official partnership

I was thinking abouth adding all cars of 2023-2024 seasons and also adding if it’s possible some racetracks of the WEC past or present seasons. It would be great if we could have special events in FM where you would be able to race during hours with LMH-LMDh cars on tracks like Le Mans or Fuji.
Thank you for considering my suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Duckduck, would you provide some more details on how you’d see this partnership be implemented? Are you thinking in terms of game cars, IRL content, or other?

It’s done ! :smiley:. Thank you @T10ManteoMax for the remark. Sorry for being to simplist on my fist suggestion, I will be more specific next time

I would love to see a partnership between Forza and WEC! Having Featured Multiplayer races that tie in with the real WEC events, same track, same time-ish and ofcourse same cars!

Just imagine having a full multi-class grid on Forza and when you watch it from a spectators POV, barely being able to keep it apart from the real event!
Maybe also having a stand with multiple sims at Le Mans and other WEC events for people to experience Forza Motorsports at the real event, set up so the people can experience the same cars at the same track whilst being there.

Yes please!

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This is also an amazing idea to be able to watch thoes races as a spectator. Of course a multi-class with the GT3, LMP2, LMH-LMDh is also required. Nice suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course these cars of that official partenairship would need a separate division from others cars.
Like a LMP2 division and a LMH division.

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Well this only seems normal to me, these cars race in different classes with different specs (but mostly the same rules) in real events. Putting them together would mean either significantly bumping up the performance of the LMP2 or nerfing the LM(D)h class a lot.
Same goes for dividing old and new GT cars/prototypes. This way you can also set up a more historic version like early 2000s.

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Sorry for both being late to the party and throw a stop in the party but the license is actually under exclusivity of another third party company

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This is a sad new. But there is still hope the Cadillac V-Series.R #02 was spotted on many screenshots or gameplays. And many WEC cars are in other racing games like the Toyota GR010 in GT7. And even if we can’t get more WEC we can have LMDh from IMSA. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This topic was for the cars and the tracks. That are in 2022-2023-2024 WEC series

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This is more akin to single F1 cars showing in the games instead of full roster

Now, THIS i think it will happen, maybe some IMSA Spec racing like MX-5 and Mustang Challenge as well


i expect motorsport games to lose their licenses, they’ve shown themselves to be completely useless and people are quickly realising it.

When ?

T10 should be the first to sign a liscence with WEC if it’s happens

I am suprised it had been under the radar of everyone considering that is MGS related, but the group that owns MSG was brought by someone else in last June/July

It seems that the only licence he wants give up is the NASCAR one. the others the new owner seems very intrested, so much that the new LeMans games is still on track in production alongside the indycar game

There is lot of info you may not know, lets go part by part

It was ended quickly mostly beacuse beacuse the entire group that MSG is part of was brought up by GMF Capital last fune (source)

The new group seems that had made changes, send some NASCAR staff to other areas while seems that will give up of licence of it, Insider Gaming, that had noticied about NASCAR getting its licence back, also said that LeMans and IndyCar games were very well on track, in fact as early setember the indy game was very on track and very likely that would manege to get its 2024 date launch.

the only thing i dont have any info is BTCC, no info if they are happy or sad, no info about the games but knowing how things are going, if Lemans game dont comes broken, maybe it can hapeen

There is BTCC cars in FM ( race day car pack ). Right ?

Pre MGS deal cars
There has no post deal cars

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I had NOT saw a single signal that Indy will give up of contract, i heared some buzzes but those were before the aquisition of the entire group, I think tha the fact that company leadership changing also helped them to wait and see how hte reception to the new game will be

I did a google to check and it seems that BTCC game is also planned to 2024, but no info beyond that

even besides i said before, LeMans game is coming, and coming fast, The game had already demo shown in Lemans and its planned late 2023 date seems likely to happen, i think that they will try use the early access aproach and they will develop the game from there, they showed some screenhots of the hyper cars and SPA in last few days, and it seems on next few months will show even more thhings
., It seems they will able to delver that, specially since it is being made by same rFactor 2 studio

I know you want the WEC and other licences get quickely free but as a saying here says “bad made vaces are difficult to break”, for now enjoy the IMSA cars and wait if things can get better in this sensef

It would be really nice if we got all of the tracks of the 2024 calender too!

R1 Vote for Qatar
R2 Vote for Imola
R3 Spa-Francorchamps (already in the game)
R4 Le Mans (already in the game)
R5 Vote for Interlagos (Sao Paulo)
R6 Vote for COTA
R7 Vote for Fuji Speedway
R8 Vote for Bahrain

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