Weather not changing

Selecting midnight on Freeplay and rolling time x24 the game doesn’t go to sunrise. It stays always midnight. Also the transition of the weather on X12 or x24 is way to fast and not smooth. @T10ManteoMax @JetPartySalad
Actually it doesn’t work dor any type of weather. I’ve tried now evening with a x24 time with rolling and time is fixed. Doesn’t go to night
Try it out for yourselfs.

@JetPartySalad @T10ManteoMax

@PortelaNinja please do not bump topics or tag staff looking for an immediate solution - this will not make the process move any more quickly. Bugs are constantly being reviewed, investigated, prioritized, and tested before deploying fixes, and everyone asking for action on the issue that affects them is in the same situation. Upvote the topic and wait for a status update change announcement.

I don’t want the process to be quicker or an immediate solution and I know perfectly that the developers will only launch updates quarterly. I just want them to be noticed that’s all. But I try to be “professional” when reporting new bugs it’s because it’s happening and I will provide the most info on that. Also I know that Forza in this game will never have 3D wheels like other racing games as much I can complain or topics being created by other people…
Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience, I’m just trying to help fixing a game that is a mess and Wich I follow and created a relationship since the first Motorsport.

Understood, and your passion is appreciated. And thank you for using the Troubleshooting Hub. If it’s posted here, we see it!