Weak network connection !!

Has any of you guys or girls had weak network connection while you are racing ???

I am playing with a wired connection so it can’t be that .


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This happens all the time. I’m on a wired connection too.

Apparently, this message is from the future, when all our present day networks look weak.

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Wired or not, if there’s enough interference on your line, it will be seen as ‘weak’.
Interference can come from many sources. In your home, make sure your router is not next to your TV, cordless phone or microwave, as they are usual suspects for interference.
Also contact your ISP and tell them you are having this issue, they can in some cases turn up the gain on your line depending on line type. It could also be down to contention ratio your ISP uses, where they charge you for a line, only you’re not aware you share it with 20-50 other customers! So during busy periods you will get lower quality connections. It could just be the quality of the networks cabling. Resulting in jitter, high ping, lost packets.
Basically, just because you have a good connection between your Xbox and your router, doesn’t mean your ISP has a good connection between your house and the internet! So if it continues contact your ISP and outline the issues you’re having!

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FTI, there’s really no such thing as interference causing degradation when it comes to digital signals.

Forza is not detecting anything about the signal strength or gain or anything else regarding interference on the network.

I believe the “weak connection” message to be completely anomalous, but it might be telling you of possible packet loss or latency. Still, I have an excellent broadband connection and all of my networking functionality works well, even online play in FM5, yet I get the “weak connection” as well.

In short, with all due respect, the above comment is nearly entirely erroneous. Ping (latency) is not affected by cable quality. Packetloss sometimes can, but is almost always the result of total network load, or routing issues like bad DNS, etc. There’s no such thing as “jitter” with regards to TCP/IP traffic.


??? does your monitor use dvi? if so put the cord near your surge protector. you’ll get ghosting double image. electrical feilds can interfere with anything. most ghosting on pc monitors can be fixed just by moving the cords.

the only time i get the weak network notice is when i host a private lobby with drivatars in it. the two or 3 times i got bit by lag so i know there was a problem i didn’t get the weak signal notice but something was making my top speed 5 mph then suddenly 500 mph then back to 5 mph. ok maybe not quite that bad but it went from yugo speed to supercar, back to yugo etc… . but it cornered the same even at both playback speeds.

As long as other people are getting it and not just me but i will be keeping a eye on it thanks for the replies .

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I did say it depends on line type. But lost packets and Jitter are present on digital lines. My current line is sitting at 18ms ping and 1ms jitter. Both negligable, but in the past it wasn’t as good. Hence my ISP doing a number of things to resolve the problems. Such as the ones i mentioned above. The line is now fine, those things worked, and i have no issues.

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Interesting. I agree on the lost packets as I mentioned. What kind of digital line do you have, because I’ve not seen jitter in reference to anything other than A/D converters, so I’m curious as to what sort of service you have?

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I was getting that message last week… turned out I sat my phone on the router to charge… DOH!!!. heh… no problems since.

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The only time I see that message is when I’m in a MP game and all the other drivers quit. I don’t believe the connection is weak at all. It’s just another glitch.

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Me, too. Only comes up in MP when I’m the only one left.

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I’ve been getting this from time to time since the January car pack. Never that severe, but can be annoying.

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I get the weak network connection warning quite a lot. But my races run fine when I do.

It is a good thing if it warns you that the connection is weak but I think the values that have been set to determine what is weak and what is not need to be tweaked.

All I know is I ignore the warning and my races run fine the majority of the time.

Cable coaxial is a closed system. there is no such thing as interference its called ingress and egress, thats when signals from other RF frequencies enter the CLOSED SYSTEM. Theres only two types of cable coaxial ran to your house rg-6 and rg-11, virtually no difference other than density and rg-11 loses slightly more DBmv (decibel milli volts) as it travels to your house. This sounds like an Xbox problem not your ISP. But depending on your provider they will come out and evaluate your signal for free. If you do call your ISP and they come out and hook their meter up and tell you your all good and go to leave, ask them what your return level was.(try to spring it on them, on the spot type of way). And if they give you a number any higher than 52 then tell them their gonna have to fix that before they leave. Cause if they don’t, and you call in, they will be told to go back. Return levels on modems/router/MTA’s are not (buy ISP standards) allow’d to be higher than 52… FYI

Return levels massively effect gamers, we have to have constant two way communication because we are interacting with other REAL people. So we need to have the info on the movements and decisions of other players aswell as our own info on the choices we make while playing our game (sending and receiving). It’s not the same as sending a request to watch a certain movie or show. its constant information and two way communication.

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The funny part is:
To get one of the achievements, I did a bit of multiplayer racing in a private lobby with only me and 15 drivatars.
Guess what ? I get the weak connection message everytime I create such a lobby, for the whole length of the race.
Afterwards, I go race real MP race, with other human beings.
Guess what again ? NO weak connection message.

The Microsoft Xbox One networks does not work any better than the network used to work for Xbox 360 only.
The whole system is a very good representation of the well known quality of MS products: VERY BUGGY.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to carry on playing my X1.

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Same here. I also have wired connection. I made a private lobby to drag and was getting that mesage.


Yeah this message is the story of my life on FM5, my connection is far from perfect but I can play any other game online with no issues. As soon as it comes to Forza, gameplay online is impossible. Does drivatar data upload whilst you play? As if that happens that could explain a lot. Though I really don’t understand why LAN isn’t an option…

Yeah dont listen too any people who say its your internet …i run 50 mbps and i still get it so its clearly an issue with microsoft /servers/cloud and xbox1 as my 360 is faster than this so called next gen console lol…i can download a film in 2 mins but cant talk or play forza without constant interference …individual servers haha thats funny ,who are they serving ?

Yup, Forza 5 servers stink. I’ve been on Xbox Live since day one in 2002. I’ve never had no problems playing no game online until till Forza 5. SMH. It is the game. Otherwise people would have problems on every game they play, not just one… Game only uses 350kbps download and upload to play online. Flat out ridiculous. Anyone Internet can handle those speeds. Servers must be on the moon. Or game has terrible net code.

yeah its wierd im on a wired connection :confused: