We need to have a talk about bans

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Can you clarify what you mean by track cutting? Do you simply mean going offroad between 2 sets of checkpoints? How is this a bannable offense? Everyone does this, including every grandmaster from FH4. I recall some notable short cuts that would save upwards of 20 seconds.

Is this officially documented anywhere such as in the games terms of service? I call BS on this. You must have been banned for some other reason. Btw I think you can get banned for discussing bans so go figure lol.

This is FM7, there’s no such thing as checkpoints. It’s an entirely different animal than Horizon.

Yea I am sorry to hear about your ban but best not to discuss this sort of thing in any official Forza location (Discord, Forums, Etc) you can try to appeal in a ticket though. https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/360005249654-Why-was-I-banned-

The official staff want to promote a positive environment here.

I did, they told me what I was banned for and I asked them to show me the clip, not so I could blame anyone but just so I could see what I did wrong and not do that crap again that got me a 30 day ban which they REFUSED to show me. That’s literal BS but I don’t really care I’m going to just go back to playing iRacing.

No, this is in FM7, getting banned for track cutting makes sense if you’re actually cutting some of the tracks where they do not put barriers. As quite literally a top 20 NA driver, I know what track cutting is and I do not do that intentionally. So for me to get banned for track cutting, for 30 days, is more than just a slap in the face. I would like to see where I intentionally cut the track and deserve a 30 day friggin ban for in an arcade game.

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I don’t play much Motorsport, and I’m not a particularly good racer. If I were to cut a corner, it would probably be more a product of inexperience than malice. The idea of using account bans as a remedy for something like this seems wrong. This is something the game should be able to detect and penalize on the spot, like the wall contact penalty in Horizon. Relying on player reports is too inconsistent, and because of the magic of lag, the positioning of the cars may not appear the same to all players.

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Honestly it doesn’t even matter at this point. If they want to ban clean drivers then that’s all good. They clearly don’t want me here if they give me a 30 day ban and cannot even show me why. It’s fine bro this is just a reminder to me to never support this company again.


They could do just that quite a few years back with PC2, and they know when you have cut because they automatically give a “dirty” lap. It’s easy for an algorithm to decide if you have gained an advantage, PC2 can, yet FM won’t. Why? Here’s a suggestion for you. Try having things like track limits set up for multiple disciplines, what is allowed for “Drift” is not the same as “Racing” and that is one VERY obvious flaw in the whole game.

Having something that showed players proper race etiquette would go a long way in making this sort of thing unnecessary. But the band-aid was to be heavy on the bans. Now FM kind of has a reputation for being ban happy.