We have a Snow Plow in FH3, Bring on the Snow :)

Was Playing the Demo, And This Managed to Catch my Eye!

Wondering if the Snow will come this Christmas :wink:

Saw that thing too, it looks ridiculously ugly.

Wonder if its useful for Pushing water out of the way while racing through Rivers!

First thing i thought was Mad Max LMAO

That looks like a multiplayer snap? Didnt think you could do that?

Apparently it’s actually for ploughing Kangaroos, haha

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It’s not a snow plow, it’s 'roo bars. And sadly, that hideous monstrosity is apparently a real thing.


Isn’t this for clearing wreckers online, or clearing people driving 55 mph in the fast lane.


If Not, Its a Good Use for it lmao

That’s a roo bar.

It’s meant to protect the vehicle and its occupants from collisions with kangaroos.


That might be the most Australian problem I’ve ever heard :wink:

Of course, not really to poke fun at a potentially serious situation, like the one picture in here.

Deer are a menace in the states, so much so that in my state that the local government was contemplating hiring sharpshooters to thin out the herd, as it were. Can be very fatal in a crash with one.

I’m more interested in hitting an alligator (crocodile?) with one. Could sink it’s jaws into my bumper, pierce my tire, gobble up the new boss.

“Horizon News Today! September 23rd, 2016, 1:00 PM. New Festival Boss has landed in time for the third Horizon festival.”

“Horizon News Today! September 23rd, 2016, 1:38 PM. New Festival Boss killed by wild alligator while driving an Ariel Nomad. Supposedly they wanted to complete their bucket list.”

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They actually do that with roos here in Western Australia

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In the ACT too - just had my parents ute fixed from a small roo impact at low speed - whole front right of the car was mangled (new bumper, new lights, new bonnet, new quarter panel and a fair bit of paint and cleaning involved for a low speed impact with an average size roo - less than 1km from my house in suburbia). Funniest bit is they bought a brand SS ute yesterday.

Heh, seems you just go straight through gator without any negative effects.

This is what can happen when you hit a roo. The driver of this car was killed. Roo bars may look ugly but they work.

Car hit by kangaroo.

Looks like the Aftermath a Deer does also :open_mouth:

You should see a moose impact. Those things can weigh over a ton, it’s basically the same as hitting a parked car.

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What the … I thought #4 was joking when mentioning kangaroos …
Why did they put this in? We can’t actually hit them and I can’t imagine anyone putting this on their car just for the looks of it. It looks stupid.
This belongs to Burnout or Rumble Racing, if we get more and more of this stuff the cars start to look like Hotwheels more and more.

It’s more for authenticity I’m sure, especially Aussie motor fans who want that little extra love. =)


If that thing is typical for Australia, why not include it in the game?


Only an Aussie would understand why this is a must have on your ute lol

It doesn’t look stupid, its awesome :slight_smile: