Watch out for this user! He's copying others people photo's!

Hi there! I just want to say that the user: “MFU82” have stolen my photo or copying my work. I just checked the entries at photocomp36 and I spotted that he’s copying my work. I got this photo on my Instagram for a couple of month’s. But I upload this photo at photocomp36 again. Here you have a link with my photo on top and he’s copy on bottom.![chiron]( “chiron”)

If you need any proof I can show you the screenshot with date of upload both of our photo’s.

Easy there tiger! Let me just defend myself before you accuse me of stealing. As I recall I took this shot when the Chiron released with a car pack. I believe it was February. As I can see I took my shot of this 02/09/18. Everybody photographed this car and when everybody did that I drove my Porsche 911 RSR painted white at Yas Marina. That’s where I got that idea from. So don’t accuse me of stealing other players work!
And because of this thing have blown up and you making a hen of a feather, I could change my entry in this photocomp. But I don’t want to. Because I haven’t stealing anything.

Best regards

Well I wait for a link with any proof. Facebook, Instagram doesn’t matter. I got photo with a date from Febuary as well which I can share.
Sorry but it is hard to believe that this is only “coincidence”. How many chances are for it? 5%? Or less. And you have to know something I always make my photo’s alone. I don’t like when someone copy others work and sahre it on any photocomp. Just look as well at the date when we have upload both pics on photocomp36. It’s a bit interesting isn’t it? Do not remove your entry. If yours is better than you got more luck. You have to understand my reaction when I saw this.

Play nice. If you have concerns, contact Turn 10 by email at