was wondering about road america and leage glitch

Has anyone tryed to delete the track pack from manage game section. And finish the leage offline and redown load after. Was wondering if this fixxed it anybody know

You can’t, the track pack isn’t available to delete as far as i could tell. I tried deleting the whole game, installing offline but sadly because the game wasn’t really finished on release, you have to download 8GB before you can play.

Oddly, my Misses was half way through a championship and hers continued fine, i guess it just depends where they dropped RA in. Hope they fix it soon, waiting on them so i can finish the game.

Unless I’m not recalling correctly, the only content in the add-on menu is for the vehicles … not the track itself. Rather, the track came by way of the update which I don’t think there is a way to remove on the Xbox One.