WARNING: Careful buying mods

So I wasted the vast majority of my $25M on mod packs. It’s in my nature (hardcore TCG player), but I also rationalized it with the fact that leveling up (using 60-100% XP mods on 50 laps of the Oval) would provide a decent amount of high cost vehicles as spin prizes.

Unfortunately, it seems once you reach the 40s you start getting almost nothing but “high level spins” that only give CR rewards, with the highest being $1M, but in my case the average was $50,000 (bad RNG I guess). I did get a “special spin” at level 53 that won me a low-priced Volkswagen as the “jackpot,” but the next several levels were all CR again.

This, combined with the fact that having VIP doesn’t provide bonus CR for spin rewards (like it did in Horizon 2) makes me regret buying mods (and VIP) at all. I should have just bought a garage full of the cars I wanted.

Your thoughts may vary, I just wanted to share my experience for all the people yet to log in and get their bonus CR.

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I spent around 10-12 mil on mods, just to get the best Dare mod possible and a bunch of boosts (imo Crew mods are useless to me)
just don’t get greedy like DV Bastian here lol (sorry man hehe)

I bought a few low-level packs just to mess around, but it really wasn’t worth it. I keep the Chase Camera mod on (since i use that camera anyhow) I have to keep trying for the Immersion mod to unlock the achievement for that later though.

Not really a fan of the mod system.

Strong of you to share your misfortune with us so we can avoid it.
Sorry to hear, but thank you for the tipoff.

Incidentally, being at lv 40 have you hit 25 affinity with any car make yet and can confirm what the special boost is when that occurs?

The mods are interesting in principle, but I haven’t found them particularly useful, except these 3:

-one that boosts my braking performance & grip (crew, unlimited use)

-one that rewards me for not using the driving line assist (which I haven’t used since FM3 anyway) (dare, unlimited use)

-one that let me be a ‘ghost’ for the 1st lap (boost, single-use)

The whole thing seems kinda gimmicky TBH.

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Thanks alot for the warning! I already soent about 2 mill on mods as well and lol, I’m a big HearthStone fan as well so yeah I guess it’s in our nature. :slight_smile: