[Warnic05's] Designs and Replica's

Hi and welcome to my gallery. I haven’t been painting since Forza 3 and just starting again so expect lots more as I’ve got the bug for it now.

Btcc Touring car Replica

Multimatic GT350R-C replica (also available on 2015 mustang for non vip members)

Good to see you back around painting again Warnic, always good to see familiar names returning to the booth. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Cheers :slight_smile: glad to see you still round painting as well. I’m only starting with the basics as need to get used to the paint booth again. Although so far it seems a lot more easier than forza 3. Then hopefully I’ll be trying my hand at some more advanced stuff.

The extra layers do make a massive difference - it sometimes seems like there’s too many! Just have fun with it and paint what you want to paint, don’t try to use them all but they’re there if you need them is how I’m looking at it.

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TWR Volvo and the Stang are looking quite nice mate, keep up the good work.

Nice start

Cheers guys :slight_smile: Just need to polish up on my skills a bit more and then I’ll be happy and start to push myself a bit more.