Wake Up Turn 10

It’s been 2 weeks since I was reset back to Level 1 after an update by you. So what I’m asking from Turn 10 is a gesture of good will, and please give me back all the gifted cars you gave to me. As I’m not the only one that is has happened to. thanks in advance.

Your only real recourse is to contact Turn10 at forzafb@microsoft.com I know people say it doesn’t work, but i’ve used it in the past and gotten my issue fixed. It depends on if they can verify your issue usually. As many people come on here claiming to have lost cars, hoping to get something for nothing. So Turn 10 don’t replace cars as a rule, but sometimes they will help out. Good luck.

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I’m pretty sure T10 is still sleeping, but if you’re lucky you’ll wake up a mod! ; )

Seriously though, what Mitchy said is spot on. T10 officially will not resend gifted cars, but you may be able to get them to help you in some other way.

I did contact Turn 10 on this matter,but I’m afraid they don’t have time answer to every email sent to them,there was a thread on here about the very same thing,anyway I was brought to tell the truth,and be honest.

Nah, I get you man. If I lost my save because of some stupid reason I’d probably be more ticked than anyone else on these forums… Unlike many other games, most of us put A LOT of time into Forza. When it all magically goes away, you’ve got a justified reason to be angry. Good luck man, wish I could do something to help…

This has happened on previous iterations and on other games too, only fail safe way to stop this happening is to have a back up and I dont think that is an option at the moment on the one, only thing to do is like everyone has done in the past, suck it up and start again getting cars etc is relatively quick due to how easy the game gives you money

This will have killed your save on past games and on the one, your save is backed up to the cloud.

I was talking way back in F1 and F2 before Turn 10 realised people were using the game save on a memory card as a way to money glitch

As I said, its not an option at the moment on the One as it auto syncs to the cloud and thats where the problem lies, we are relying on the cloud to work 100% of the time, they need to bring back the option to save to a memory card and put procedures in place that no advantage can be had by having a copy of your save

I’m not sure what you mean by “relying on the cloud to work 100% of the time…”

This is a guess based on years of dev experience: The system attempts to store identical saves locally and in the cloud; that’s why you can still make progress offline (if you don’t have net access, data is saved locally and then uploaded to the cloud when net access is restored).

When you get back online, Forza 5 will try to sync your offline progress with the cloud. Provided everything goes as it should, the newer data will be favored (that is, the progress you made while offline). We shouldn’t have to rely on the cloud at all as far as saving user data goes (your cars, tunes, etc.). The data is always saved regardless of whether you have net access (and, therefore, access to the cloud).

At least that’s how I assume it works (syncing data this way is nothing new - the term “cloud” is an umbrella term that includes functionality beyond syncing and that also hopefully gives non-tech savvy consumers a simple term by which to identify this technology).

I’d be very interested to understand how both saves are lost, though. My first guess is that your local data is somehow corrupted and saved to the cloud. In other words, a bug somewhere, whether it be in Forza 5 or the XB1 or the cloud, might be resulting in incomplete saves or saves that don’t conform to the schemas which dictate the information a save must contain. If that happened, you could end up with corrupted data on your XB1 being uploaded to the cloud. Both sets of data would then be useless.

In other words, there would have to be a big “whoops” for both saves to be lost.

Aside from all that, it would be really nice to have a way to manually back up user data on the XB1. I understand the reasons for not allowing it (at the moment, anyway), but… reading some of these posts, I’m worried about losing the work I’ve put into a game I’ve come to love so much.

there has to be a way to encrypt the game saves and keep them secure while allowing physical backups. it can be authenticated online when they connect to live so it wont affect other players if they try to cheat. and if they refuse to put the console online because they have hacked the save that dosn’t really affect us anyway. they can tell real windows from bootlegs online. http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate/ dont click on that link if you are running bootleg windows. it can tell real from fake. i dont see why that same system cant be used for game saves espically since the one is running two versions of windows 8. they already have all the encryption and checksumming they need and they have the cloud to check it on. let people back it up to a usb fob. the ones hdd is only 500 gigs and has to hold two versions of win 8 and the one os along with all the games. fm5 is already over 40 gigs and there are mandatory installs on the one so currently there could be a limit of ten games per one.

and the money is in the games not the hardware. they have to allow external storage soon so they might as well do it now. there are no that many games for the one yet but there are already enough games that you run out of space before you could install them all. you would have to delete a game before installing another. people are not going to want to wait for an install just to switch games. maybe they are waiting so they can make a big deal about it at e3, i dont know. but i do know telling people its gonna be a hassel is like telling them not to buy more games, that ms dont want their money which i dont believe true. they are going to allow external storage soon so they should just do it now3 and eliminate alot of problems for their customers that didn’t wait for price drops and free games.

Uh, have you read all the posts? The problem is that the cloud saves are lost.

Yes I did - he was saying to back up your forza saves (which is a bad idea) and that there was no option on the Xbox One (it has the cloud). Needless to say there are obviously some issues with the XB1 and some are finding these systems to be letting them down (through their own fault or otherwise).

I can see the OP’s complaint.

Every time I log on to Forza, other than the profile I choose to sign in as, I have no control over the date which is synced between the Cloud and my console. Only on very rare occasions has my Xbox asked me about syncing data, usually if the data on the Cloud is newer than the data on my console. But even in these situations, I have no control over what that newer data stored on the cloud actually is. I fail to see how a communication error between the Cloud and the console can be a user’s fault in this circumstance.


I know that it may be a longshot, but even if the current backup is lost, contacting Microsoft’s XBox support may help. There is the possibility that a previous save may be viewable by them and they might be able to restore. I know that a lot of the way the cloud does things is different than it was on the 360, but it’s worth a shot.

Xbox Support typically just directs people to these exact forums for help. They’re practically useless when it comes to Forza issues…

its not a long shot, thats the reason for post 12 in this thread. helios, a turn 10 employee was on late last night/early this morning and posted that in every thread that had game save problems in the title, about 4 threads. the quote is what he posted in every thread and the link is to his profile page so you can send him the im as requested. it did take a while but turn ten has responded and they are getting on the problem via helios. contact him directly thru leaving him a private message with “game save” in the title of your message rather than using the fbforza@microsoft thing. game save was not in the thread title or he would have replied in this thread too.