VW Scirocco Domino's Pizza

My first race paint. Not an actual car, but I like Domino’s and Sciroccos, so I made this. Scirocco-R cup style.

Thought you had missed a bracket, tried editing it to work but that wasn’t the problem.

Wish I could see it mate, hopefully you get it sorted, seems like a fun paint.

Try this link did a quick link snip and it worked

It looks good mate. well done nice work, keep at it

Here you go, try using the BBC (push pin icon) share link and it should come out like this…

If you quote this you can copy the link and edit your OP.

Looks good mate, A funky little cup car vibe. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Thanks swtluu21, fixed it now. And thanks to everyone else.