Voting on future Playlist activities!

I know a lot more effort is getting put into future Forza Horizon games. Creatively thinking of inventives to boost online play; we should start voting on future playlist activities and obv there can be a default if any anomaly would arise. This would help gamers like myself who are a hi level and have already farmed way too much as it is. Current playlist activities usually seem like they were put together last min and a lot of times zero thought into season and course.

I think that it should be picked by an Ai algorithm that only checks to make sure that it doesn’t repeat itself in a whole year.

The current Playlists aren’t being put together in the last minute… They were put together in the last year.

Kinds tells you how the support currently is. PG put the game on autopilot, because they know the average Horizon player is content with little.

Pandemics isn’t an excuse since I can put together a full Playlist in less than 30 minutes.


What would your playlist consist of?

Certainly not S1900 Street Scene Track Toys in the Winter.

Ditto on that. I could bear to have some more A class XC or road circuits. Just something to utilize the bulk of the car roster I have. Even the lower class would be acceptable above D.

Or even awhile back ago they had a seasonal championship or trial with the vintage racers. I remember how fun it was to get the handling down on the Alfa and killing the competition.

I would like to see more options - more choices, so you could ‘pick’ how to reach the end goal.

I would not like to see any sort of voting at all, as from what I can tell this would lead to only dry, road, A, S1, S2 racing - and all the interesting classes such as Vintage Racer, Rare Classic, Cult Classic etc never seeing the light of day again.

I do feel they (PG) need to be more involved in choosing the playlist (rather than what I think happens - computer program + intern to check), and having the knowledge when doing so to notice what is a bad choice of options - ie this weeks Trial.


I liked the community created courses. Some were super frustrating and some were amazing. Overall they were more positive than negative for me. It was nice to see the work of the Forza community

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They don’t do anything about game breaking bugs. What makes you think they’d give any attention to players votes?