Voting list - missing cars from FH3/FH4 to return in FH5 [Update_2024/2/11: -21 cars, +4431 votes]

As promised, yesterday I’ve launched the second thread, with list of cars from Forza Motorsport 5-7 (and a chosen few from FM4) that could return in FH5.

Now I’m thinking about the third list, with cars from FM4, FH1, and other older games (Forza left behind dozens of wonderful vehicles and I’m certain their return could give us much more joy than many #NewToForza models). Would you be interested to see such list? :wink:

As for today’s update of this particular thread, it’s much smaller than I expected after two days. Not much to write about, apart from Toyota MR2 gaining 4 votes and going almost head-to-head with BMW 850 CSi.

I anticipate more exciting update for the other list tomorrow :slight_smile:


Kia Stinger +1, Toyota MR2 +4, Shelby 1000 +1, BMW Z8 +1, McLaren 12C +1, Audi Sport quattro S1 +1, Pagani Huarya +1, Cadillac CTS-V +1, BMW 507 +1, DS3 Racing +1, Ford F-100 Trophy Truck +1, Vauxhall Astra +1, Ferrari 512 +1, Porsche 906 +1, Porsche 356 Gmund +1, Saleen S5S +1, Chevrolet Nova +1, Sunbeam Tiger +1