Voting list - missing cars from FH3/FH4 to return in FH5 [Update_2024/2/11: -21 cars, +4431 votes]

Could be that they put stuff on hold due to beeing sold.

In my own experience Horizon 4 + 5 didn’t do better, could be dependend on my system tho. Plus Cyberpunk seems to enjoy a “no man’s sky comeback” due to fixes and the netflix anime.

At this point I don’t expect the Regalia nor the Quadra to come back, as they’re different assets made by different developers.

It surprised me that the MR2 SW20 is third on the list, considering I didn’t want that model back because the model was abysmal. Hoonigan may as well be on the chopping block since Ken Block just passed away.

As far as existing Best of Bond cars those will have to be reverted or retrofitted to the non-JB models. The DB5 in particular is MGM property so it can’t be licensed anymore. The rest would just be the model name and nothing more.

Also unless TG are willing to license them again don’t expect their wares like the Track-Tor.


I see @T10ManteoMax has added threads for voting on missing cars from the bottom of the list (thank you!), so I’ve updated the first post with links for them. These models are highlighted by “(NEW)” label next to their names. Austin FX4 Taxi has already gained 5 votes :smiley:

And I’ve registered 10 more votes on other cars (including another 2 for Audi Sport quattro S1).

Fruitful day in the Suggestions Hub, 111 votes were casted on missing cars from FH4 since the last update. Naturally, models with newly opened threads saw the biggest growth, but other cars gained some points as well (e.g. Porsche 906 Carrera 6 jumping from 5 to 9 votes all of a sudden).


Changes from the bottom to the top:
Hot Wheels Studebaker +5, TG Track-Tor +3, Subaru WRX VT15R +3, Lambo Urus Concept +1, Hot Wheels Loadstar +3, Hot Wheels Chevy LUV +3, Hoonigan Bronco +5, Tamo Racemo +2, Hoonigan G10 Fiesta +3, Hoonigan G8 Fiesta +1, Triumph TR3B +4, Rossion Q1 +4, Porsche 356 Gmund +2, MG MGA +1, Hillman Imp +3, Cadillac Escalade +3, Triumph TR7 +4, Porsche 906 +4, Ferrari 500 Mondial +1, Austin FX4 +2, GMC Typhoon +3, Jaguar C-Type +1, Saleen S5S +1, Maserati 300S +1, Vauxhall Corsa +1, Porsche 718 +1, Maserati A6GCS +1, Ferrari 512 S +1, Toyota Corolla +1, Triumph TR6 +1, Mercedes 280 SL +2, Ferrari 166 +1, Mercury Coupe +1, Triumph Spitfire +1, VW Type 3 +1, Chevy Chevelle '67 +1, HSV GTS '11 +1, Cadillac Eldorado +1, Austin-Healey +1, Mazda Cosmo +1, AMC Hornet +1, AM DB10 +1, Oldsmobile +1, AM V8 '86 +1, VW Karmann +2, Renault Clio RS 197 +1, VW Touareg +1, Talbot Sunbeam +1, Pontiac Firebird '68 +2, Ford XB Falcon +1, Koenigsegg CCX +1, Lexus IS F +1, Renault Clio V6 +1, Mazda RX-3 +1, GMC Syclone +1, Pontiac GTO Judge +1, Vauxhall VX220 +1, Mazda RX-7 '85 +1, Pagani Huayra +1, Audi quattro S1 +1, McLaren 12C +3, BMW Z8 +1, Shelby 1000 +1, Lotus Esprit V8 +1, Toyota MR2 +1, BMW 850 +2

Another active day, with 95 more votes for cars on the list. Vehicles with newly added links are climbing up the ranks quickly, there are also changes in the upper part, e.g. Quadra Turbo-R was overtaken by Vauxhall VX220 (+2 votes).


This time from the top to the bottom:
Kia Stinger +1, Toyota MR2 +1, Lotus Esprit V8 +3, Mercedes SL65 +1, BMW Z8 +1, McLaren 12C +1, Mazda RX-7 +1, Vauxhall VX220 +2, Mercury Cougar +1, Pontiac GTO +1, GMC Syclone +1, Mitsubishi Galant +1, Renault Clio V6 +2, Porsche 928 +1, Koenigsegg CCX +1, Pontiac Firebird '68 +1, Maserati MC12 +1, Citroen 2CV +2, Talbot Sunbeam +1, Citroen DS23 +2, Pontiac Firebird '73 +1, Rover SD1 +1, Lotus Elise +1, Cadillac Eldorado +1, Chrysler Valiant +1, HSV GTS '11 +1, Terradyne +1, Jaguar XJS +1, Morgan Aero GT +1, Vauxhall Insignia +3, Shelby Monaco +1, Porsche 356 RSR +1, GMC Typhoon +3, Chevrolet Nova +1, Triumph TR7 +2, Austin FX4 +3, Rossion Q1 +3, Triumph TR3 +2, Cadillac Escalade +3, Hillman Imp +3, Hoonigan Bronco +2, Hoonigan G10 Fiesta +2, HW Studebaker +4, Porsche 356 Gmund +2, Volvo Iron Knight +1, HW Chevrolet LUV +3, HW Loadstar +3, Plymouth Atomic +1, Spania GTA +3, Subaru VT15R +3, Tamo Racemo +3, TG Track-Tor +3, Austin 7 +1, Hoonigan G8 Fiesta +3, Lambo Urus Concept +2

Series 17 is going to be Japanese themed so my predictions are:

New cars:
2023 Nissan Z

Any 4 of these recycled cars:
1995 Toyota MR2 GT
1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
1973 Mazda RX-3
1972 Mazda Cosmo 110S Series II
1974 Toyota Corolla SR5
2016 Subaru #199 WRX STI VT15R Rally Car


Btw great post



The game itself

“Coming soon” tab on the Series 16 Festival Playlist screen shows this:

Coming soon tab ingame

Also at the very bottom: Push Your Driving to the Limit in #FORDzathon

Okay. Forgive me, I just woke up only two hours ago, guys. Haven’t played yet today.


Not many votes casted today (only 33), but some interesting changes on the list. Examples:

  • It’s the first time since creating this list when Volkswagen I.D. R received any votes. Keep them coming! :wink:
  • Vauxhall Insignia is climbing up rapidly, it has got 6 votes in last two days.
  • Spania GTA doubled its vote count in the last two days, jumping from 4 to 8 votes (yeah, still not very impressive result).
  • Cars with recently opened voting threads seem to lose momentum.

I’ve marked recent changes in vote count on the list so that you can now follow them more easily :slight_smile:


Changes from the top to the bottom:
Kia Stinger +1, Toyota MR2 +1, Lotus Esprit V8 +2, BMW Z8 +1, McLaren 12C +1, Audi quattro S1 +2, VW IDR +2, AM DBS '08 +1, Mazda RX-7 +1, Lotus Evora +1, Mercury Cougar +1, Renault Clio V6 +1, Pontiac Firebird '73 +2, AM DB10 +1, Chrysler Valiant +2, Vauxhall Insignia +3, Honda S800 +1, Mercedes 280 SL +1, Ferrari 166 MM +1, GMC Typhoon +1, Hillman Imp +1, HW Studebaker +1, Porsche 906 +1, Spania GTA +1, Subaru VT15R +1, Volvo Iron Knight +1

It was rather quiet day in the Suggestions Hub, with only 18 votes casted on missing FH4 cars in total. Two interesting changes:

  • 2008 Aston Martin DBS was overtaken by 1985 Mazda RX-7.
  • All of a sudden Hoonigan Ford Bronco jumped from 8 to 12 votes.

Kia Stinger +1, Toyota MR2 +1, Mercedes SL65 +2, Mazda RX-7 +1, Ferrar F12 +1, AM Vanquish +1, Mercury Coupe +1, Triumph TR6 +1, GMC Typhoon +1, Hillman Imp +1, Triumph TR7 +1, Triumph TR3 +1, Hoonigan Bronco +4, Subaru VT15R +1

Sooo… to spice things up, I’ve added to the mix 51 cars that were present in Forza Horizon 3 but didn’t make it to FH4 nor FH5. There are some really strong contenders that can threaten the hegemony of Kia Stinger :slight_smile:

You’ll find those new cars easily by “[FH3]” tag next to their name. Notes:

  • I’ve excluded GT3 and Supercar V8 race cars (coming mostly with Motorsport All-Stars DLC). Let’s leave them for Forza Motorsport for now, okay? ;]
  • Like before, I’ve excluded Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia models.
  • I know absence of Rolls-Royce and Tesla is caused by license (dis)agreements as well, but I decided to put them on the list anyway, thinking to myself: maybe PGG would be motivated to double down on efforts to bring those forgotten (?) manufacturers back if they saw clearly how many people want them? :smiley:
  • At the bottom of the list there are 4 cars that probably don’t have fitting threads in Suggestions Hub. @T10ManteoMax, can I ask you to look into it, like before? :slight_smile:

Next step could be adding to the list road legal cars from Forza Motorsport (7 and earlier) that are yet to be introduced to the Forza Horizon series… but I’m worried about the list becoming too massive. What do you think, guys?

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If you’re going to include Rolls-Royce and Tesla, you may as well include Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia now. It made sense why you were excluding them at first, but if you’re going to start make exceptions for other brands, you may as well just include them all. Especially since there are Abarths, Alfas, and Fiats from both Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7 that never carried over to Horizon 4.

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In the case of Rolls-Royce it’s not a decision on PGs side. The brand autorities stated they don’t want to feature the cars in video games anymore.
Nothing to be done there unless this changes.

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Alright, Rolls-Royces and Tesla are removed from the list. Thanks for feedback! :slight_smile:

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Im gonna drop an idea here for anyone voting for cars!!

You see… When you click on car voting youre going to see the latest threads and last visits right?

If youre highly interested in something drop a comment on the appropriate thread. That way the car is gonna come up higher in the list so much more people are going to see it and possibly vote.

A lot of the car voting threads have been made months ago. And some of them are going to sit there and gather dust. Instead drop a comment. Even if its something as simple as a :+1:.
That way you’re bringing more attention to it.

I constantly see so many topics that have been gathering dust and its so easy to revive them by simply doing this.


In regards to Rolls-Royce I think there was a temporary partnership with T10 and them, and when that partnership expired, the license was lost.
As for Tesla… it’s a lost cause. Their stock value is nearly worthless, about to fall off a 90-degree cliff.

You ought to vote for the 2014 Range Rover, it was dropped like garbage after FH3.

Any Baldwin-related brand will have to be removed since at the time he signed over to Toyota and they had some exclusive partnership on them. Speed 6 wouldn’t make sense either since it’s a concept car.
I don’t know the exact source about it but it may be a reason why we didn’t get them in FM7.

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I’ve tried that occasionally and it doesn’t always work.

I’m pretty Rolls-Royce is more a universal thing rather than just Forza-related. Since Motorsport 7, Rolls-Royce haven’t appeared in any period.

As for Tesla, I agree, though I do wonder how the heck Gran Turismo 7 managed to hold onto the license. If there is an exclusivity deal between Tesla and Polyphony Digital, well, they can keep it for all I care. Also, side note, I like how Polyphony Digital flew the YouTuber Super GT out from England to Willow Springs Raceway to drive a Tesla, which are pretty much as common as Priuses in California. It’d be like me being flown from the States to England to drive a Ford Ka around Silverstone.

As for the Bentley, I can see it returning to the series at some point. It being a concept doesn’t really stop it from appearing in games moving forward since there are tons of concepts from prior games in Horizon 5.

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