'Vote to Kick' System

So the vote to kick system is just for show? I’ve encountered some seriously unsporting players, people who literally cut every single corner in races and dont even stay on the track. And so far I’ve been in at least 3 lobbies recently where 10/12 people voted to kick and gave negative driver feedback and nothing happened… so the system is bogus? There needs to be something done about the people who cant even race the actual track and deliberately smash other players.

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I was always curious about how kick vote system and driver feedback work or if they work period. It’s a shame this still haven’t been adressed.

I wondered the same too. I’m now confident it doesn’t actually do anything, which is pretty pointless.

I haven’t actually paid attention lately, but my understanding was you can no longer see how many votes to kick there are, unlike previous versions.

That is true, I didn’t see a vote count. But on more than one occasion, just about the whole lobby had mics and everyone was saying they voted to kick the dirty racing player and still nothing happened.

Well just because they “said” they did, you know. And I think there’s a rather short timer on that as well, so all the votes may not have been recorded.

Yeah not having the “vote to kick” with number of votes and the person’s gamer tag (who is being kicked) sucks. I mean don’t get me wrong sometimes people abused the feature in FM4 (I personally got kicked for driving slower cars), but overall it helped the people truly racing cleanly regulate those who don’t care at all.

Hopefully regulations clear most of the problems up, but this feature working would be a last resort failsafe if people continue ignoring the rules of racing.

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I really hope the new Race regulations help with this issue as it is something community has been asking for years.

Maybe a system where a player a nominates another player to be kicked. and lobby votes in much same way as voting for a track.

Some statistics on nomination should be shown, such as reason for nomination, no. of collisions in previous race, No of times left the track, etc.

Something similar to a sportsmanship rating should be implemented to give an important statistic on a drivers history.

Player kicked if more than 50% of lobby vote to kick, notification and reply sent to the “Race Marshal” program.

There should be some minimum statistics (adjusted by Race Marshals) to be eligible for nomination i.e if you had no collisions or dirty laps you can’t be nominated.

Also, i would prefer to call it “Black Flagged” to keep with a Motorsport theme.

Turn 10 DON’T WANT to make it work.
It’s really that simple.


You have time to “Vote to Kick” another player? It takes 45 seconds just to get back into the lobby from all of the loading and reward screens on my One X. If I want to change vehicles I have to consider skipping a race.


I feel your pain. They make the loading screens way too long. What’s the point of showing us the rewards directly after the race instead of waiting until we leave the lobby? It’s not like we can choose the reward for leveling up right then anyway, and it could just total up how many credits you earned in the lobby when you leave it?