Volkswagen Jetta 1992-1999 (Vento)

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Volkswagen Jetta (Third generation)

This model was also sold as the Volkswagen Vento in Europe.


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Me encantaría que pusieran el Jetta para poder tunear cómo el auto de jesse

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See here:

Volkswagen Jetta A3 VR6
Such an underrated car and should have a k20 swap and a 3.0L Racing I6, which I’m 90% sure is the RB26DETT. This would make it the most OP sedan in the game, considering it would be very lightweight and the power would be incredible for such a nice and tiny car. It should come with the standard Forza aero. A small addition like this I’m sure people will appreciate.

1997 Jetta GLX
2.8 VR6
5-speed Manual


Jesse’s Jetta from Fast and the Furious would be awesome!

It would pull a premium one week to race wars.

Would like to have the VR6!!! With fnf body kit as option !!!

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