Volkswagen Design Vision GTI concept 2013-2013

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Nowadays Volkswagen fits the EA888 and only the EA888 turbo I4 in its performance models, but a while ago, their definitive top engine was the VR6. We already have the R32 Golf in Forza, there was also a Passat R36, and the engine was featured in the top-of-the-line Passats and Škoda Superbs up to the early 2010s. The VR6 also served as the base engine in luxury models such as the first Audi Q7, the first two Porsche Cayennes and Volkswagen Touaregs and the Volkswagen Phaeton. Before Dieselgate forced VW to develop a more eco-friendly image, they considered sending the VR6 out in the ultimate performance Golf. The Design Vision GTI added two turbos to the engine, helping it produce over 500 PS. Journalists who got to drive it back in 2013 called it an impressively engineered car, considering it was just a one’off concept, eith the engine, gearbox and brakes all but ready for production. Of course, that never happened.

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