Virtual redbull drift shifters sign up and discussion thread

With the final round of mld in the horizon, (a small pro-am drift series I run) I will do one last competition on forza 4.
based off of mad mike’s virtual drift shifters event.

The track will be most likely be on Silverstone international the start point will be the siemens sign that everyone uses as a starting point when doing the national layout.

Either you can go foward and do the national layout, or do the hairpin and go towards the long beach section layout. There will be some cars parked in the middle of the road and cones for obstacles, you can do what ever you want literally, anything that will impress the judges, including reverse entries, 360s, or what ever.

This event will invite a few drivers and who ever else wants to compete have to message me and basically do the same thing daiguren did for vfd and the provisional license kinda thing. All you need to do is message me, and impress me and a few staff members by drifting for us.

Judging criteria:


Speed will be based off of your entry speed.


Line scores will be based off of how smooth your lines are and you will be rewarded more points depending on how many clipping points you tag with your bumper.

Hitting clips with your bumper is preferred but hitting them with tires is ok too.


Angle is judged on the rotation of your car in the corner, basically the higher the rotation the more points you will score. But…if your correct majorly after holding major angle it will end up being a deduction.

Clipping points/zones:

Clipping points will be indicated by some sort of cone or marker, clipping points is not mandatory but preferred to be hit.


The indicated parking zone is next to the siemens sign in the small box right infront of it. If you do not park in the box and the timer expires you will be eliminated. The cleaner the park and the closer you get to the walls the more points.

Timer: you will be given 70 seconds to showcase your skills by freestyle drifting. Like I said you can do what ever you would like in less than 70 seconds long as you get back in time to get in the park zone.

How the brackett works:

No matter how many people compete in the first heat, in the 2nd heat there will only be 8 people, then 4, then 2.

In the first heat the order will be completely random, then the higher the points you get, the earlier in that heat you go. Upon request or if your busy we will put you lower in the brackett tp give you some time, when its your turn you have 5 minutes to show up or you get dnf’ed.

How scoring works:

The judges will be able to grant you a maximum of 1,000 points.

Once you get out a car to compete you can not change the car!!.

Not sure yet though how many judges we have and staff members we have, there will be atleast 3-7 judges though.

The appointeded time and schedule for everyone to compete will be roughly in the first week or two in January.

Invited drivers list:

Tgf smokey (ig forzamedia) (invite accepted)
Tgf killa cali (invite pending)
Friedricehero43 (invite accepted)
Xxjohnson99xx (invite accepted)
So steve 24 (air raidd) (invite pending)
Therealbigpete (invite pending)
D1battlerookie (invite pending)
Eatmydrift (invite pending)
J deffy (invite pending)
Tgf louie (invite accepted)
Mcr koruzo (invite accepted)
Akihiro san (invite accepted)
Mfd durfting (invite pending)
Xe xerox (on vacation/invite declined)
So spitsy (invite declined)
So mistified (invite pending)
Drift 13b (invite pending)
Mikequan (invite accepted)
Ninjapandajdm (invite pending)
Drktoker24 (invite pending)
Garret era (invite accepted)
Uncaged magic (invite pending)
Zdenial xo (invite pending)
Xe biggy (invite pending)
Ddelgado95 (invite pending)
Gonzo3635 (invite pending)
Sneaker feens (invite pending)
The Daiguren (invite declined)
Funkyjoshii (invite pending)
Ill be rb (fnk bennie) (invite pending)
Dsi lowkeytoe (invite accepted)
Hks slider (invite pending)
Hks mr bucket (Invite declined)
Hks kudarizaka (invite pending)
Hks swift (invite pending)
Josh driftwood (invite pending)
Ikouki s13 (invite pending)
Mfd rotary (invite pending)
Dsi bimmer (invite pending)
Rezzboadog (invite pending)
Skid cudi (invite pending)
So skinny d (invite pending)
Tnt drift alot (invite accepted)
Tnt toydrift (invite pending)
Yo cracker pts boss (invite pending
Yo geno (pts geno) (invite pending)
Slp felon (invite accepted)
Scs panda ( invite accepted)
Jsi daniel (invite pending)
Dsi rabbit (invite pending)
Dvn xexel (invite pending)

Official drivers list:
Tgf smokey
Akihiro san
Mcr keruzo
Garret era
Dsi lowkeytoe
Slp felon
Tnt drift alot
Scs panda
Tgf louie

This list will go longer, if you know some of these people on this list please let them know cause I dont have some of there full/correct/current gamertags.

If you accept your invite please just say you accept in the comments of this thread or message me directly.

If you would like to sign up and try to get a license to compete please leave your gamertag and a certain time when you are free and we will talk over xbl.

This thread is still under construction so some things still might change.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know below.

The winner might be getting a 1600 Microsoft point card btw.

Thanks for your guy’s time.

Tgf smokey (ig forzamedia) (Might decline if he see no one worthy to his level)
Tgf killa cali (Might decline because of he on forza 5 and better things to do)
So steve 24 (air raidd) (Decline because he never heard of you guys)
Therealbigpete (Decline on xbox 1)
Xe xerox (Decline- Only compete in big comps)
So spitsy (Decline-Laugh at the game and is on Assetto Corsa)
So mistified (Might do it for a quick laugh)
The Daiguren (Decline because game is a ghost town)
Any other big names may decline as well because they have all upgraded

Looking at the rest of the list. Not including Durfting, akihiro, and that Defy person. I sure hope that list has got better since the last time I seen them. Should be a interesting event. Good luck

Steve might not remember me cause I havent seen him since vfd round 2 and havent really talked to him besides bumping in to him in felons parties. Thanks for wishing me luck btw. Tgf smokey will most likely compete I think cause we talk every day and he likes doin comps with me actually lol and mistifed hates competing so not sure about him. But list will get better I invited all the big names just to be doing it but they probably wont care cause they moved on to better games like you said.

Not gonna because of the unrealistic expectations of contenders and like what Daiguren said, who even plays this game any more? The barren wasteland of Forza 4 will continue to be, so maybe it’s time to go buy an Xbone or a good PC