Virtual Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo | Round 6 | Sebring (WORLD FINALS)

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This Event is the sixth and final race of the season and will take place on Sunday, March 20th. The end-of-race timer will be set to 10:00. The current Track Record at Sebring is 2:06.031, held by HKS Mr Bucket.


06:00 pm - Practice Session (15 mins)
06:20 pm - Qualifying Session (15 mins)
06:40 pm - Race Session (50 mins)


Radio communication will be limited to essential race information only. This includes (but is not limited to) race incidents, pit lane exits, passes/approaches, spins/offs, etc. This rule was requested by several drivers; it will ensure that all important radio communications can be heard and will also allow the other drivers to maintain their focus.

Another new rule for World Finals will allow drivers to run an exclusive livery, limited to use only for Round 6 | Sebring of Season 1, if they so choose. These liveries can be altered versions of current liveries or completely original designs, and must adhere to the same regulations and guidelines found in Bulletin 2.0. Team mates will not be required to have matching liveries unless they choose to do so.

This will be the first Event of the season that allows for weather other than daytime. The weather conditions for the race will be decided by the weather conditions of the drivers who attend the Event. Whichever of the three conditions is most reflected by real world conditions will be selected for the race; for example, if 10 drivers have rain at the time of the race and 6 of those drivers have rain during the night while the other 4 drivers have rain during the daytime, Round 6 | Sebring will be raced in rain conditions (as rain during any time of day or night will take dominance over night time or daytime. If the number of drivers with rain is equal to the number of drivers with night time conditions (but no rain), Round 6 | Sebring will be raced in rain conditions. The determination of “night time” and other conditions like “rain” will be made based off of the weather conditions and time of sunset reported on at the time of the Event.

Drivers who attend the full Event (Practice, Qualifying, and Race) will receive Driver Points towards their VFIA Driver Rating. Drivers who do not attend the Qualifying session will start from the back of the grid for the Race and will not receive Driver Points for attendance. Having all competitors present for Practice and Qualifying helps things run more smoothly and stay on schedule, which means less time sitting around in lobbies and more time racing.

The Race will be started (and re-started) when the lead car crosses the Line. This way every competitor can see on the map when the lead car has crossed the Line even if they aren’t able to hear the Party Chat. This will also eliminate the small delay between the lead car announcing the green flag and everyone else punching the throttle, making the starts more even.

Remember to report any and all Race Incidents. This includes (but is not limited to) contact with another car, false starts, illegal blocking, etc. If there is a major hazard on the track, be sure to announce it so that the race gets a full-course Caution.

When exiting the pits, do not cross the pit exit line marked and be sure to warn approaching Drivers on the radio if you can.

It’s been an incredible season so far, and it’s because we have an equally incredible group of drivers here in the Virtual Super Trofeo, so I want to thank each and every person who has participated in the series. The World Finals will decide the first-ever Virtual Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Champion, who will receive a certificate (along with the other two podium positions) to commemorate the accomplishment.

On a final note, if any drivers decide to make a special livery for the World Finals, post a picture of it on this thread (I can help anyone who needs help uploading a picture) and I will share your car on the VLBST social media pages.

Season 1 Main Thread | Official Website | Facebook Page | Instagram Page

NOTE: All Event Results and Series Standings are subject to review.







New PB: 2.06:031

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Lap Records have been updated. Nice lap, Bucket!

I hope you all have been participating in the Super Trofeo Rivals and League to unlock the Huracan Super Trofeo. Season 2 pre-season testing should be a pretty fun venture, especially since we will be choosing a new list of circuits to visit. Tuning a RWD car will be much more familiar for most people too.

I’ve already seen some work-in-progress shots of a few World Finals liveries; they’re looking great so far. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished product at Sebring.

How Do i get involved ? I’m good to race

Just head over to our Season 1 thread and have a read through the details and then visit our website (the links to both the Season 1 thread and the website are at the top of this thread in the OP) and click ‘Apply Now’ on the homepage. If you have any questions or need help, just send me a message on Xbox Live or PM me on the forums. I’m also around for help with tuning and/or practice sessions.

My round 6 special livery, which I am really looking forward to seeing on track Sunday! (the only things I did my self was the paint, and the quotes on the rear fenders)

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World Finals livery preview: Mikall Nonsense | #45 NonSenseRacing Gallardo

World Finals livery preview: Made en Japan | #5 Raging Bull Motorsports Gallardo

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Have you been reading through my other posts? I’m probably the biggest Super GT fan of all time. :+1:t2:

P.S. Your livery makes me want to shed a single manly tear. Well done, sir.

I may have been reading. In all seriousness, Super GT is fantastic and I was looking unique sponsors and looked to the Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

So… When Season 1 is over, would you be willing to share the base paint in layer groups, similarly to how I shared the required series decals?

I have to have a KeePer Lambo with that base paint.

Thanks to Hakumai CJD, here’s a sneak peek of the Huracan Super Trofeo.

new livery

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I wanted to apologize to connor7195 and Hakumai CJD for this incident at the start of the race. I had no idea connor was on my left going into the corner and Hakumai got caught up in it after we made contact.

Also, connor I thoroughly enjoyed that race, especially in the last few laps. I still can’t believe that we swapped positions that many times and finished with less than a second between the two of us. Top-notch racing… You definitely deserved the win in that battle.

How did Holesom get a 5 point deduction via contact if you don’t mind me asking. From my perspective Holesom had a clean race and only made 1 or 2 slight boops into me causing no damage, unless something exciting happened with another driver.

In the replay, it looked like the contact with you in deep braking caused some damage and could have been avoided, and was due to being a bit too keen to pass. If you disagree, I’ll expunge the penalty.

The final VFIA Driver Ratings have been posted in the Season 1 thread.

Bucket/Holesom: I reviewed the replay again and removed the contact penalty against Holesom. The final VFIA Driver Ratings reflect the most current points awarded. I will update the Driver Points results for Round 6 | Sebring tomorrow after I have had some sleep.