VIP house that I unlocked is not mine now and I am missing out on my 2x forzathon points.

I have played the game through all the seasons and unlocked the VIP house as well as the clothes and worthless emotes but I realized that the VIP house is no longer showing that I own it and I have not been getting the 2x forzathon points like I should have. I went to the supposed “new forza support website” to try to get actual support but you can’t get any support there all it is is a FAQ site. Can someone tell me why my VIP house is gone and how to get back my lost 2x forzathon points?


Make sure you have the VIP pass installed.

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I’ve got the same issue. I had purchased the house, now it’s saying that it’s an unlockable bonus or I can buy it for $5mill… VIP pass is installed.

I had the same issue, but when I actually went to the house I could still buy it back with 0cr.

I have the VIP pass installed or else I would not have been given the stupid clothes and emote crap or the VIP flair. Not long after I made this post I all of a sudden have the house now but I have lost out on 400 forzathon points which I’m sure I will never get just like the millions of credits I have lost ever since reaching tier 11 in forza rewards but still getting tier 10 and I will be tier 12 very soon but I bet I will still get tier 10 because Turn10 doesn’t have ANY REAL support website which is absolutely ridiculous for a game dev company with over 10 games in the franchise! They basically don’t care about the people who pay money for the games at all!

Having the same issue with VIP. Randomly today my VIP seemed to disappear. Everything I had VIP related is now locked, even though I have VIP installed. Not sure what’s going on.

This happened to me and also every DLC such as the James bond DLC is looked behind the Microsoft store even though I bought them before this happening hope they can fix this soon

Wow, I just realized that they censored a word that isn’t even a curse word, yet they won’t respond to people who actually have support issues! I guess the word which basically means feces but rhymes with wrap isn’t allowed here? Or maybe it’s just because it was derogatory towards the completely worthless garbage emotes and clothing that wastes so many wheel spins.

And you can’t even use the actual term for human waste, or animal waste I guess, that starts with an f has 2 e’s and a c and an s. I could understand if I used the s word that rhymes with spit but I didn’t. I guess they are just filtering anything that you can use derogatory towards their broken game.

Welcome to the club. The only way to get your double points is to buy it after every game start. You should find that if you don’t, after some time the VIP house will actually show up as owned - but the double point perk will not be working.