VIP Car issue

I was playing forza at my friends house syncing my account from home where it gifted me the VIP corvette. I got home hoping to have this car and I don’t. I asked my friend to remove my profile from his Xbox thinking that would solve it but I still don’t have the car.

Thanks help appreciated I want my corvette 0:

Congratulation. You deleted your April VIP Corvette.

By downloading the gifted car, it deletes the message and the car moves into your ‘my-cars-garage’.

The car is then part of your savegame.

You either …
a) didn’t sync your updated savegame from your friend’s XB1
b) skipped the sync at your own console back home

Anyway … only possibility to get the april VIP car would be to sync the savegame stored at your friend’s XB1 with the cloud.

But you wrote he already removed your profile.

If the VIP livery Corvette is not saved under ‘my cars’ it’s gone.

Afaik, VIP cars will not be re-send.

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you are lucky it’s only a livery as the car is available to buy if you really want it
lucky for you it wasnt one of the unicorn cars