VIP and two of three car packs missing

As the title says, i am missing my VIP and two of three car packs. By the date of this post, it is clear i have the Premium Edition. With VIP i am not so sure, because last time it had lots of nice stuff like more wheelspins and so on. If that this time is not in the VIP pass, what is in?

Now i am getting a little bit upset. I still do not have my VIP. So many other players now have much much more money, because of all the super-wheelspins and double credits. The same happened to me with FH4 by the way, so this is nothing new. How is that even possible?

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if you changed your region, is because of that, change it back to normal and restart pc

You mean the Windows Store region? i had it set to Netherlands because thats where i live, i need to change it back to USA? or how exactly?