[VIDEO] Forza Horizon 4 Onboard Triple screen

Hello there,
I come to share with the community some videos of Forza horizon 4.
Essentially in triple screen cockpit view.
Feel free to share and comment.
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I hope you enjoy.

Good viewing and good ride;)

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looks great! :slight_smile:

Sorry for not answering quickly.
With the birth of my son and the purchase of our house, I did not really have time to play.
I just posted a new video, I hope you enjoy it.
In any case THANK YOU for your comments and support !!!

Nice! I was thinking the other day that one of the reasons I don’t like cockpit view is because it doesn’t give me the kind of peripheral vision that I have when driving in real life, and how there doesn’t seem to be very many ways around the limited field of view of the average TV screen or computer monitor, except maybe VR. Well, that’s another way, I guess.

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Mustang GT350R what else…