Very upsetting issue

Okay so I know this may seem hard to believe… but yesterday I had 4 spins winning big each time. 2 were 1,000,000 cr spins one of which included a car. The other 2 spins were just decent cars and cr. My issue is that I only received 1,000,000 of my cr. I had about 680k before spins after I only come out with a little over 1,680,000??? Where is my other 1,000,000? I am a loyal forza player since forza 2 and major collector this is very upsetting. Anyone else experience issue ???

The issue lies in the sentence above. You don’t win credits AND the car. Whenever you win a car, it just shows its value, meaning you won a car worth 1,000,000 cr.


short answer: you only get the car not the value of the car also…

The way VIP wheelspins were handled in Horizon 2 would lead to understandable confusion here.

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How upsetting for you

A drivatar just hit my dog. Now that’s upsetting…Even more so than when the oddly placed laser sucked my dog into the xbox in the first place…And let me tell you. That was pretty darn upsetting to begin with.


Probably more upsetting for the dog.


Thanks guys I figured it out. Since then I’ve only spun 3 times and only pulled 1,000,000 1 time. Game is very giving this year I guess.

Too Fast 4 most

Alright everyone I figured it out. You only get the car if you don’t already have it. Thanks forza for being so giving. I’ve only.pulled 1,000,000 1 time since this morning but it’s better than last year. Ps. I think it helps if you turn all assist off an put difficulty on unbeatable for those complaining about lousy spins. Seems to be working for me.

too fast 4 most.

You were using Assists for the spins?
I just let my drivatar do the work.

Hehe, at least you had a reason for confusion, like Frostmaw said. My neighbor is currently ranting about not being able to use a livery, somebody else created, on an entirely different car.

We’ve cut him off from the beer for a few hours…

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If you win a car you allready have in Your garrage you get the money insted of the car:)

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