Vector W8 Twin Turbo 1989-1993

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Vector W8


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Any car mentioned and praised by Doug DeMuro is certainly a notable car:


The first production car made by the American company, the W8 had been a long time coming when it finally went on sale in 1989, as a similar design had already been shown in 1976. Just under 20 were made, and the car’s mechanical side was as unusual as its looks. A racing V8 paired with two turbochargers, producing 625 PS in the standard setup, but capable of 1200 PS , was, for some reason, paired with a GM 3-spped automatic gearbox. The W8’s production ended in 1993 when the company went into receivership, canning the W8’s planned successor, for which 2 prototypes had already been made.


I know these are unlikely but I would love this and, even more than the W8, Avtech WX3.


Vector W8 Twin Turbo


I loved how the WX-3 eventually made it into production losing a few features (active aero being the most notable), and instead of from scratch they just added the body to a Lamborghini Diablo and called it the M12 only difference being they changed the suspension angles slightly increasing the wheelbase by 5cm to encompass the slightly longer bodystyle,they even used the hinges from the Diablo for the scissor doors. this car pretty much ruined Megatech (owners of Lamborghini at the time and for some reason it’s stats were identical to the Lamborghini in every way but this cars stats received criticism.
I love this car and definitely should be in the game as both the M12 and the prototype WX-3 with the 7.0l DOHC V8 1000hp it was intended to get



its a fighter jet for the road this car will be a fan favourite imagine looking at the jet fighter gauges when yo accelerate and the blow off valves please forza!!!

This would be my first choice to put in the game. It’s been too long since it last appeared in GT1.
If this could get a couple of 1000 upvotes that would be great!