Vandal One 2018-current

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An American-Built Track Car that’s not even Road Legal. The Team established to design and build this car were drawn from experienced talent in companies such as McLaren, Lola and Ford’s Motorsport Division.

With a Dry Mass of only 555kg this car is obscenely light and even more impressively can generate up to 800kg of Downforce allowing for cornering forces in the area of 3G’s.

Inspired by F1 Technology the Car sits a mere 1.5cm from the Road Surface in the front and 5cm at the rear by default but can be raised to 12.7cm and 14.6cm if needed.

Tires are provided primarily by Pirelli with them offerings a set of 265/35/18 Slicks for the front and 325/30/18 for the rear, talks were in place with Michelin to secure their tires as an option but no information on whether that was successful.

It uses a 340hp Honda K20C1 Engine that was slightly modified from the variant that appears in the 2018 Civic Type R. If required though a factory package is available that increases the engine output to 560hp through the usage of forged internals, a new turbo from BorgWarner and a new Fuel Injection System. Power is transmitted to the Rear wheels through a Sadev 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox and in 560hp form the car has a P/W Ratio of 1,01.

The Car is only offered with a Centrally Mounted Driving Position for 1 Occupant but the size of the chassis can be enlarged if needed to give the Driver more room to be seated comfortably.