V12 SCH1WO's Toyota GT86 C Class Road America/Bathurst tune

hey guys another day another tune for you!

i made a tune today, it’s the Toyota GT 86 for C-Class, tuned it for Road America. i use TCS for Hotlappin because it’s more comfortable.

hope you enjoy, it has minimum rear aero so be careful.

Road America: 2:23,561 #11

Bathurst: 2:20,896 #40

maybe you try it also on other tracks, let me know! :slight_smile:

Creator: V12 SCH1WO

Class: C


Dang it you beat me to it. I was tuning up one for those style of tracks. It will be interesting to see the differences between the 2 because i know you can build good cars.

okay. :slight_smile: yeees let me know. i think it will be the engine. :slight_smile:

Maybe… Does yours have a big whistle? Mine does lol

hm no…^^ i have got the 1.6l engine, maybe you have got the 2,2l engine, i think you can hear a whistle in the 2.2l engine. :slight_smile:

i was talking about the 1.6l as well. It has a loud whistle from the turbo

ah okay yes i can hear it a little bit.

Car feels great I got a 2:27 something with it. A few more laps and i can def improve. I left tons of time everywhere. You are one heck of a good driver .

Does anyone happen to have a similar tune for the BRZ? I would like a new tune to put on the gift car we received.


i shared a Subaru BRZ C Class tune now, it’s better than the Toyota GT 86, i tuned it with TCS, 2:23,4 in test run, i think it can do a 2:23,0 so no problem for top 10 around Road America, drive it around speed tracks like bathurst, sebring, spa and so on, good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

Glad that you like it! Yes you can improve! :slight_smile:

Yeah i will make one. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. I will grab it tonight.

Looks good. Will give this a try. I still struggle with 1.6L engine though. That darn shifting point is tough, but very magical once you get it right. Thanks for sharing.

give it a try. :slight_smile: but i know that this car will not be a great for you, it is not easy to drive… maybe you will grab also my BRZ this is better. :slight_smile: no problem.

2:26.1 with the Toyota tonight. Yep, hard to drive. I think you need to drive without TCS to understand how the car handles. Did that for like the first 20 laps because I forgot to turn it on. You can shoot for a 2:23, I’m going for a low 2:25 and pass my PB.

I raced your ghost…I need a lot of improvement. That sweeper and kink is killing me with this RWD. A lot different pushing a car through these turns than pulling them.

Oh…edit. Missed your BRZ tune have to try that out this week.

hey jahMoon yes at first try the car without TCS to understand how it will work for accel and handling and then switch to TCS, you make it clever i do it also, i tune every car without TCS to understand the car, a 2:26 isn’t bad without TCS it’s really nice but i know you will like the BRZ a lot more! :slight_smile:


I’ll be checking these out later :slight_smile:

Hey Sch1wo,

I tried your BRZ tune and I must say it is pretty awesome and very easy to drive with TCS on. Managed #45 on the LB and with a few better gear changes and lines I think I could get it in top 20. I referred to the fatburns replay for my gear changes as don’t have a lot of experience in the Rally engine and that helped tonnes.

Great work!



hey, glad that you like it and thanks for your nice feedback! you have to change gear between 4500 - 5500, 5000rpm will be perfect! :slight_smile: also nice ranking!