V.I.P and prize crate system

i’m very worried that they might bump up the prices of the prize crates because of the V.I.P .if they do its no biggie cause alot of people dont like the micro-transactions or what ever its called. I Like the prize crate system because you have a chance to get cars that are not unlockable.

They wouldn’t do that, because not everyone has VIP


Technically no one on XBox has “true” VIP yet. LOL


Very true. I really hope you guys get that update today though, it would really suck if it didn’t go live until Monday :0(

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Ive about given up on this whole ordeal. I turn on FM7 and do a few laps around a track in Free Play every day or so and one Endurance race in Free Play every weekend to raise money for the specialty cars of the week but thats about it until or should I say if a patch comes out. Ive pretty much gone back to grinding out my tier level points in FM5 and FM6 until this gets fixed.


I did all my grinding early with the Dodge truck and the Jaguar :slight_smile: I have over 300 cars only about 5 or 6 remain (locked) that I really want so I’m just relaxed and am having fun racing now. The VIP came right on time too.

I’m confused. Are you ‘very worried’ or is it really ‘no biggie’?


which one do you want it to be i can be two people at once snowflake👍