Utah Motorsports Campus / Miller

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Would be cool if I could take a VT19X and swing it around this place.

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I have personally driveb on this track a few times and it is a blast! Main straight is very very long. Four total track configurations. Has a varied history of small and large motorsports events of all kinds. One of the longest tracks in the world sitting at just under 4.5 miles long on the full course and was for some time the longest track in the United States. Would be an amazing addition to the game as the track is “European” in nature/design.



This is my home track. I have yet to see it in a sim of any kind outside being an external mod. Doubt it will be in a sim anytime soon as Formula Drift and Nitro Rallycross are the only major events that come here anymore. But the NASA Championships will be held at UMC in 2024.

This is my home town track. I have been here several times over the years for events like ALMS, Superbike, Pirelli World Challenge, etc. This is a hidden gem of a track that has it all, long straight, similar corkscrew (The Attitudes) and has 4 track variants (West Course, East Course, Outer, Inner and Full circuit). Perfect for some racing time!

Despite being a long way from home for me this is a place I’ve been fortunate enough to get some seat time. Very awesome track with lots of fun corners and some elevation change that adds some character. Would love to drive it on Forza.

This is my local track, and I’d love to see it in the game. Turn 10 might have an easier time licensing the track as it’s owned by Mitime Investment and Development group, a subsidiary of the Geely Automotive (Lynk & Co, Lotus, Volvo)