Using the FH1 random race and car class format in FH5

I know that the next game due out will probably be Forza Motorsport 8 but I’m sure most people will be more excited about FH5.

I would love to see an online mode again like in FH1, whereby the races are individual, one at a time and the track and car class is randomly generated.

I have found that I always just want to seem to race in A class, as that seems to be the most popular and competitive class, but because of this it takes any enthusiasm away from winning or buying and tuning up any of the S1 or S2 cars that I can then have as my go-to car - depending on the type of race, amount of tricky corners or length of motorway sections etc. etc.

I was thinking that the 3 race championship was potentially due to reducing the load times that individual races and changing of cars might require, but maybe with the new console this could be something that is not an issue.