Using flightstick as e-brake/handbrake, cant set axis right???

So my problem is that i can map my e-brake to my flight stick, some old logitech thingy, but its always engaged for some reason, also i cant move axis so it wouldnt be engaged, anyone have any thoughts on this? i can give more info if needed!!!

Have the exact same problem. Was so happy when I read they fixed the multi-device support. I can’t configure the flight stick deadzone in Windows 10 either and the e-brake deadzone in advanced settings in FH4 isn’t working either (go figures). So it’s back to square one I guess…

Yup, havent read anything but i tried to set the axis in logitechs own software but it feels like horizon loses the axis tracking if you try to move axis to use only 51%-100%(when you pull back the handle), feels like the area where it detects hardwares axis doesnt move anywhere or well its hard to explain cause english isnt my first language. But i guess i could say it like this. you set axis to 51-100%, forza detects that and decides, hey he wants the e-brake to be pulled even harder all the time, thats what i experienced.

i guess no update =/

plz someone ???

Sounds like you need some rubber bands…

NEVER :slight_smile: i just dont understand how so big company cant do simple stuff right :smiley:

Because deadlines

maybe cause it is not designed to work with a flight stick? I’m sure they will get right on that. It is an interesting thought to do that but not something they are likely to work on. Lots of flight sticks out there. I have a few myself so that would be a lot of different devices to support. They don’t even support the 360 wheel for no apparent reason on the PC where it should work.