Using Cortana with voice commands pauses the game

Hi guys,

a friend of mine mentioned this last time we have been racing in a private lobby. He wanted to clip a crash using “Hey Cortana, record that!”. That brought up the pause-menu in Forza 7, because of which he crashed, because the game keeps running in multiplayer. He had to close the Cortana slide first and after that was finally able to unpause the game nd regain control of his car. This did not happen with Forza 6 and I really hope it’s not intentional, because we use this to capture funny moments during multiplayer. But pausing the game and make the one recording the clip crash does not encourage doing so. :wink: Maybe you can take a look at that. Thx!

Definite issue for wheel users as that is the only interface we can easily access. Seems to have coincided with the dashboard update.