Using auto-clutch with TX wheel

Sorry if there is already a topic on this.

Im having one problem with my wheel.
At the start or wen you end up stopped on the track some cars just dont wont to go in first gear.

Only at the beginning of the game, in D class problem seems less.

But for example in rivals mothly on bathurst the car just dont want go wen standing still.

Anyone else having this problem and found a solution for it?
Would this be solved with having clutch peddals?


ps. I must say there is a huge improvement in wheeluse compared to forza 5. After trying out different setting of my senssitivity and angle im happyly surprised that
my wheel does work with forza 6.

When using the auto clutch feature on the wheel, some cars will stall. For the cars that aren’t going when standing still, try manually using the clutch button, “A” and give it some gas just like a real car and release the clutch. Shouldn’t be a problem. Another solution at the start of races is to just rev bang the car until the race starts. You’ll get wheel spin, but simply let off a little until you get traction.