Usability improvement: Add improved version of Forza Motorsport 7's list menus

Hi guys,

first of all I wanna say WOW. I bought your newest title recently and it is an amazing piece of software, you delivered. When it comes to racing, visuals and gameplay it is just beyond reach.
Never had so much fun in a arcade racing game before since Need some early Speed titles back in the good days of this franchise! :slight_smile:

But when it Comes to usability, you could improve some data management, to make the title more like a title, developed in 2016 upwards.

Some months ago you added a feature in FM7, that allows us scrolling through various list-menus which were made to kill off mouse-wheels before. Helps alot right now. But still it is not as usable as it should be. It woulda be awesome to implement the feature we know from any WebBrowser you know from Windows, enter some letters to make you quickjump to the (available) element in the list. I guess you are using the same framework in FM7 as in FH4, so it woulda be awesome to apply those changes to both titles.
This would improve the usability to a whole new Level when playing on PC.

Thanks and cheers