Upload again or not ?

Gamertag: GM Firebird

Hi I’m from The Netherlands, disabled, 61 years old, bad english writing … but I love playing games.
I have the following problem, I own the game “Forza 4” for years and since 27-07-2014 i’am a VIP member (approximately18 US Dollars ).
This membership I’ve taken to get more slots for my storefront.
After I made a number of vinyls, designs, pictures and repetitions and I placed that in the storefront.
After about a week were suddenly all my vinyls, designs, pictures and repetitions disappeared and only white surfaces were
visible with the text “under review”.
After a lot of ge-google I suspect that I have violated the so-called code of conduct but I have no idea what I’ve done wrong.
I have to my knowledge nothing stolen from another, no one offends or something like that what would go against this code of
conduct. Turn 10 did not send me personal message what I did wrong. However, they could send me a personal “thank you” message when
they were collect my $ 18 for VIP membership. I find this no service for what I have already invested money in the game (Forza 4,
additional car packs and circuit packs and VIP membership)should be more like $ 100. And when I sent an email to forzafb@microsoft.com
they were too busy to give an answer to my questions, That’s not a service !
I would like to know what I have done wrong, to avoid for making the same error again, because at this point the VIP membership
brings me nothing at all.
I don’t dare to upload for two and half weeks, or remove white surfaces (with under review) because I’m afraid to commit the same
error again, and thereby will be banned for a time or forever.
All this raises much uncertainty on and deprives me the fun for gaming. all this can not be the intention of a game.

To this end, I would like to hear some answers from you so sincerely: GM Firebird from The Netherlands
PS you can also mail me, my e-mail address must be known to you.

Items Under Review are being held for investigation of possible violations of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct by Turn 10. Neither bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct at discussed on these forums. You can write Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com, including the full details and any other gamertags which have been on your console.