Update regarding the Lamborghini #63 Squadra Course Huracàn

Sorry if this has been posted already, didn’t see an active thread.

If you’re a regular around here you’ll know that all players were gifted a car a few months ago.
Unfortunately, said Car was part of a DLC pack that many players did not already own:


Up until the latest update this car was stuck in your garage if you did not own the DLC; it could not be Auctioned or removed.
After testing it this morning, I can now confirm that it is possible to remove said Car from your Garage even if you do not own the required DLC.

Again, apologies if this is old news, but many thanks to Turn 10/Playground for resolving this issue anyways.


Hadnt seen it posted about the Lamborghini
Only about the preorder cars
But glad it is removable for those that don’t have the All Stars dlc