Update from 8.1 to win 10

I wan’t to buy a Win 8.1 for my PC and upgrade it to win 10 and my question is gonna Forza Horizon 3 work on upgraded version 8.1 for win 10 ? Or it required a default installed Win 10 on PC.

Thanks for Answer :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter how you get windows, you just need to be on windows 10. So go ahead with whichever option you like.


Depending on your Win8 and/or Win10 key (OEM, SB, etc.) …

a) you can install Win10 direct without Win8 first


b) you need to install Win8 first, to be able to upgrade to Win10


After that you end up with a standard version of Win10, no matter if ‘upgraded’ or ‘installed direct’.