Update ends with error, which wants another 95 gb, for the 60MB patch.... PC related VIP, Ult. edit.

I have a 240gb ssd,and it has 70 gb free space. The game is on that SSD.
The update wants another 95 gigabytes for the update instead of that 60 megabytes wich is downloading every freakin time, but the full game is installed, i can play with it.
So… Could you please help me? 1703 windows 10 Pro, fresh drivers, i already did wsreset.exe-ing, my system is on an another SSD… What should i do now?

Im getting sick/really angry cause of these bugs, crashes on PC… 75% game for 100 dollars… This was my first attempt to get a game with full-full service but it is a joke… I know, its hard to develope to 2 different platforms… I know… But why did you release it with 75% of the progress!!! -.-" Im soooo disapointed as a “forza dreamer”… My first forza…

I think this is more an issue with the DL manager in Windows store rather than the game itself. If all else fails, blame Microsoft. Possibly the only way to fix it, until they release a patch for the store problem, would be to uninstall/reinstall and download the full game again. Even then it starts 2 download queues now in the store. They know there’s a bug and they’re supposedly working on it, but this one isn’t on T10 I’m afraid.

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Okay, you are right. That one is not the Turn 10’s fault. My rage was about the game. The demo was buggish… Okay, the PC version getting better and better… But my love, and my hype went away with that 2 months for now… Again. Im not angry because JUST this problem… Every bug, crash added to my list… :frowning: :confused:

oh yeah the game most certainly wasn’t ready for release when it was released… Thank you for your money, here’s a beta version of the game we’d like you to test for us…

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Exactly what i was saying 1 month ago!

This is the first thing I was horrified with, when it was announced that the game would be 100GB.
Horizon 3 did the same thing, update = copy the whole game. But Horizon 3 had ‘‘only’’ 50GB. Now with 100GB… well RIP my SSD. I’m not sure if it’s T10 or Windows Store and it’s BS encrypted DRM thing. I bet it’s the store’s fault, the worst, most unstable platform ever to exist.
Windows Store was a huge mistake.