Update available but cannot download or play

Hi, I have put Forza on and it’s tells me "Before it can start, Forza 5 needs an update now? 0x8015dc02

I click install. it then takes me to the store for Forza but no install button just says play, I click play and it repeats over and over again.

Anyone had this problem?


Same here.

I am talking to xbox support right now with the same problem

So after talking to support, they recommended 3 things:
First, remove the game and go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC Address > Clear > Restart. Then insert the disc once the xbox starts and see if it works. (This didn’t work for me).
Second, was the reinstall the game.
Third, was the contact Forza and see what the deal is: Forza.net: The official website of the Forza franchise
You can also try to restart the Xbox by turning off the system with the controller, unplugging the power, and after a minute plug it back in. Then hold both the eject and power buttons at the same time. This didn’t work for me, but I will try it again and if no luck, I’ll probably wait a while and see if it works. If it doesn’t work by tonight, I’ll reinstall the game overnight.

Same issue here. Neither restart worked. Reinstalling now.

Edit: Out of curiosity, are you guys also on the beta system update? Trying to figure out if it should be reported on those forums.

2nd Edit: Uninstalling and reinstalling the game worked for me. Hopefully it works for everyone else too.

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i am in the beta and getting the same message. keep us updated!!!

also same issue with BF4

I Have Beta System Update…
Same Problem…

same here

i am having the exact same issue as everyone else, i have tried cold boot and restart my x1 but same issue, i am signed up to the beta as well.

I think I know what the issue is, I’m also in the xbox one beta and before I installed the latest update I know for a fact that Forza and Battlefield along with 2 other games were sitting in the queue waiting for me to insert the discs to update them.
Of course now I have updated the xbox my queue is empty so I’m guessing if I try Battlefield same issue and the other 2 games also.
So yeah basically Microsoft deleted the download queues whilst updating our systems

Complete crap when we can’t even play our games until they come out with a fix.

Yes I am also in the beta.

Hey guys I too am in the Beta!

Did anyone else try reinstalling the game? That worked for me.

Same issues as well but I’m not in the beta. Its amazing how beta the xbone console is across the board so far, even after six months. Party fail. Check. Disc check fail. Check. Download update fail. Check. Inability tobolay games you bought. Check. Disappointed owners. Check.

Please fix this crap

Even better. I uninstalled the game and now it won’t let me reinstall.

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Hard rebooting and unplugging console now…

remember the good old days when people got a console so they didn’t have to deal with updates, install, work arounds etc… like on a pc. pc gamming is actually getting easier than console gamming, its cheaper in the long run, has better graphics, you can back up game saves, as much external storage as you want, and many games have free mods which are equal or better than paid dlc. and no gold fees for multiplayer.

That’s all true, but…

If this truly is an issue tied to the xbox beta (BETAAAAA) program, no one has any right to complain, you all know what you signed up for, and if you dont… well, then you should probably read what you sign up for next time.

That said, the good old days of console gaming were possible because of things that simply dont work today.

The lack of installs were due to the fact that the read speed on that era’s media ( nintendo cartridges, cd roms etc etc ) were fast enough to stream all the content to the system.

With todays data requirements the only possible way to do it would be with flash memory, but if every game came on a 50 GB high speed flash stick, they would cost a heck of a lot more.
So instead, we get relatively slow blu-rays that we then install onto a hard drive on the console.
If you want the prior, you need to be willing to shell out more money, and most people are not, so here we are.

In the past, when internet was not taken for granted, and games had to be finished on launch day we did not have updates, this had its benefits but also its imitations.
The possibility of shipping updates is a good thing in my book, unfortunately games can get shipped broken with the reasoning that you can patch it later because of this.
But i think the good outweighs the bad.

You should check the preview forum, every game & app that had an update waiting before the May preview (rolled out Friday) has the same problem. The advice on there is to re-install the games/apps which resolves the problem.

Luckily i didn’t have any game or app updates waiting so am fine.