Update 9 and FM is still a construction site

Racing game of the year! :rofl:


Can’t forget the hearing protection.


Being able to afk the entire game in order to win is actually a good thing. theres a reason fm23 won game of the year for accessibility.

I’ve seen blind people play fm23, its not T10s fault lazy people use it too.

Didn’t say their telemetry just went crazy.

Just that I used it to verify what they did in terms of power output and how fast they were going.

“And then the rubber banding. They would recover feom those offs, shoot up to 360ks and pass me on the following straight (I watched replays and looked at their telemetry, it’s insane)” this is the part i was interested in seeing because i haven’t seen anything like that yet.

I totally disagree with the notion this game is still under construction. I think the architects are still preparing the blueprints.

I just ran a race with the 1960 718 Porsche at Laguna Seca in FM6. What a kick. So much better sense of speed and better handling feel to the car. Talking stock build car to.

And then there’s the AI. Into the first corner the AI of the two games are nearly corner smashing identical. After the first corner, the FM6 AI actually puts up a decent race. FM8 would be leap years ahead in AI quality if they’d just cut and paste the FM6 AI into FM8.

Then there’s the awesome sound of the 718 in FM6. Well we all know what a hash they’ve made of the sound in FM8.

See my next post. Not rubber banding, bit rather I’d mistakenly believed when I selected Proto H as the class, that’s what would be homologated.

But no, the AI upgrade and hence are actually just running more powerful cars, which sucks.

I don’t upgrade my race cars as you can’t touch them in the multiplayer spec series.

This is true, but the problem is: at the rate that meaningful improvements to the core experience are being released for this game, it feels like the dev team is more like a dev person. The term “snail’s pace” comes to mind…:roll_eyes:


Watching Raceboy77 do a B class race and hearing the words “I don’t know if this person can see me” is NOT something that should be said 9 updates after launch. That and lagging cars should have been resolved before another feature was added.

Edit: tried doing another Featured Multiplayer race today. Managed to go a whole 10 seconds in practice before the game froze and became unresponsive to inputs, showing my car frozen in t I’ll me and the engine audio screaming away at 7000 RPM.

Seriously, this is not enough for a refund?! It’s never been MORE broken than it is now.

Edit edit: second try disconnected from lobby message. Stellar work on this game.

Last edit: Actually managed to get a race in. Between the idiots who ram and the ones who can’t take a corner to save their life, it was the game crashing after the finish that really takes the cake.


Why? I race the ring / nordschleife all the time in MP.

Every time I’ve tried (4 times) the end of race timer starts on the first lap.

The game is still one big construction site.

The AI is still unacceptable. As has been known since release and shown and described in countless YouTube videos and posts in the forum, there is pushing, shoving, ramming, overtaking in impossible places, unnecessary braking and the AI still behaves completely incomprehensibly.
The AI still behaves as if the player does not exist. There are so many examples on the net that it could almost be described as negligent that the AI has not finally been adapted and revised.

The same with the penalty system. The AI simply rams you off the track and doesn’t get a penalty and you yourself, due to the gamepad controls where you always have to readjust and bump into an opponent, immediately get 2 seconds or more.

Since the last update, the game regularly crashes after leaving an event.

Loading the tracks and the estimated fuel consumption takes an eternity.

The AI still drives Godlike in the first lap of an event and then drives normally again in the second lap.

Why isn’t the basis of the game finally being fixed?
How can the game ever be rated positively if the players are completely ignored and things like those described above are not finally dealt with?

A game is played when it’s fun and not when it’s virtually unplayable because basic things constantly get in the way.

I hope the next Update will fix many Things.

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