Update 9.0

Whilst I’m sure that there are people who are protective of their tunes, generally there are a lot of people very willing to share them. It’s just a shame it’s a miserable process trying to search for anything.

I haven’t really done Forza GT or Touring Car but the link below is a good Discord server with a lot of the top guys posting, with a specific section dedicated to tunes for those events:

I don’t have OLED tonuse Dolby vision. I do own a only 4K uhd HDR10+ and happens the same with the slider all the way down you can see the Forza logo but I mean the brightness of the tv itself.

I gave HDR one more try and it looks like it can stay turned on now, well done turn10. For me the actual calibration screen even works correctly now too. I calibrated my tv with my neighbors calibration device and then by design this update corrected my HDR issues and it no longer looks washed out, or when I lower brightness, it no longer hides everything.

What kind of monitor or tv do you have, did you ever do the hdr setup in the xbox settings menu, not the one in the game. On reddit you can find the right amount of clicks youre supposed to do so things dont clip. There also should be an hgig on your tv that will set brightness levels to what the developers reccomend. If youre using an oled, in the xbox settings use 10 bit color and full rgb.

Its common to see on some tvs

I play the game on an XSX on a 55" Philips PUS7805 IPS TV (2020). I’ve used every calibration method I can think of, even taking advice from YouTube for this particular model.

I’m done tweaking after updates. I feel like I spend 95% of my gaming time tweaking visuals and loading vinyl groups! :triumph:

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I hear ya

So all is brightness in car bay and not time changing? I thought it’s time changes but also I suspected on that and you’re corrected.

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Yup, just a different static time of day. I have the feeling that some point in the future, Turn 10 is going to switch the time of day from static to rolling, and possibly give the player options to set times, have it matching geo-location, static or random. But as of right now, the time appears to be later in the day.


Time for night I hope

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