Update 13-01-2015

Just launched the game and a update around 108MB popped up! Where is the changelog of the fixed/added stuff? Everytime you people send us a new patch it should come with something new, for example a car or some new modifying parts. Keep getting this game and add something awesome next time!

Maybe if you kept an eye out you’d of seen the announcement of fixed stuff. Storm island fixes to be precise


Did the BMW 1M have the Hamann body parts before the update, too?

Yes. I think they focussed on the Storm Island problems and other ones which were said, dont think the trivial stuff was fixed

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I hope they fixed the Huracan’s gauges, they were missing the blue line that follows the rpm needle.

Are you really that sad ?!?!.
Enjoy the game FFS

So I guess you aren’t satisfied with them fixing things in the game and making it work better, you require free content as well each time?

You also seem to forget your please and thank you…