Update 10.0


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For me it has downloaded on PC at the size reported by T10 without a full redownload. Having seen a youtube video of the proximity radar in action, I’m genuinely interested to see how this update may have improved the game.

I was wrong when I guessed they would not actually launch this feature until a future update.

Unfortunately my optimism was quickly shattered so I guess I will wait until Microsoft sorts their servers out to test T10’s latest update:


Is that good?



It’s the status quo. I just watched a video and there’s top-center (pictured), bottom-center, and map (adjusts from track overview map to radar when close to other vehicles.

I’m content with that.

I am actually impressed. T10 did a thing.
Proximity radar works - there is a weird blind-spot in front (probably a design decision) - which means cars appear on the proximity radar suddenly when they move left or right in front of your blind spot - kind of jarring.

But it works. Hats off T10 you met the bar on this one.

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Huh? That’s it? So no new track this month? Didn’t we also not get a track last month?

That’s two months in a row and no track. Odd…

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We got Sebring last month.


Seb12ing was that forgettable, huh?


Ah yes, I stand corrected! :grinning:

Guilty as charged! I love it :sweat_smile:

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Could someone please tell me where the Trueforce settings is?
I didn’t found it in the “advanced input” section.
But “vibrations” is greyed out, which indicates, trueforce is activated.

I dont think TF has been added yet, looks like its greyed out in preparation for it to be.
I suspect some people have access to Truforce for testing before its added for every one.

Ow ok, so we’ll have to wait for another decade to get it working as it should lol.
Thank you.

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2 issues from the new patch

  1. Carrera mode, after 2 laps of practice, practice ends automatically.
  2. Rivals leaderboards cannot see lower than top 50 in top and near me.

Another bug… ofc
Creating an event with defined rules will not save.
The rules will be reset every time you save them, or leaving the menu.