Update 10.0 Overview - Nemesis Month | July 10 update

It was mentioned yesterday that the update will be just the one part as they fixed the issue they were having, still it took me 4 times as long as usual to download the update, must have been busy with those millions downloading when I was :laughing:

@JohnDoe9302 yeah noticed the change to the car selection menu when choosing a rivals, selected B Class then was greeted with the choice of classes again but all jumbled up, thought it a little odd and it sure does feel like some is taking the wizz each update, going from 40-50 min races to 4 laps of the shortest configurations of tracks with no tyre wear… more time reloading the game than playing it


forgive him, he is a normal german dude.

After finishing these Subaru vs Mitsubisih Nemesis races, my car selection screen is back to normal. Maybe they changed it back to normal on the server side?

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Maybe, try rivals

People wanted to remove FOMO and recycling them is doing that.

They aren’t recycled from within this Forza Motorsport game. They are returning cars from earlier games, appearing for the first time in this specific game, probably deliberately held back at release to become FOMO content.

So far, there has been no indication that T10 intends to share a plan to permit players to consistently access prior monthly reward cars. There is not even an Auction House, as in FH, which could allow players to access cars they missed.


Lol, mate you must have missed the memo or taking a nice long nap prior to the release. Max updated everyone in the thread that the update would be late as the team was finalising it to be released in one go. They mentioned it in Forza Support over at Twitter.

6.7gb on Xbox IS the complete update.

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What’s Twitter :smile:

Haha, that’s exactly what I said in my previous reply :rofl:

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I thought I was going mad, then this months update dropped :laughing:

Been having a great old laugh reading some of the Reddit posts on the new aero, can’t post them here for obvious reasons

Lol… fair enough.

Say, can anyone guess why they removed the tire clapping sounds from Mid Ohio? Other tracks with resurfaced patches still have them and it’s satisfying to drive over them. I think it used to impact grip too but pretty sure that’s been removed too.

You know I haven’t raced on it since you last asked :smile: but will tomorrow as it was the next up before it crashed and I gave up

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Is there a reason why there are so many changes that are not in the the changelog ?

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Because : Turn10


Could be that there have been too many people working on too many issues that nobody knows about which ones have been solved and which ones haven’t been solved.

It’s as if there’s little to no management left at Turn 10. If there was, someone would’ve made a statement by now regarding the current state of the game, and when the players can expect a stabile game environment on all platforms.

This is not something the community manager should do, but whoever is left at the top of Turn 10. Depending on how it’s done and what is said, it might bring some much needed hope for the ones of us that are still playing (or trying to play) the game.

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Please provide a list so I can find out.


A few examples:

  • Standing start in test session
  • in career the training ends after required laps
  • ffb/handling seems improved on many cars

Also after update when u want to test your car trough tune menu, on maple full layout, u get night time with heavy rain.

i just want more credits , i hate this credit grind .
just unlock everything in free play .
even VIP status is useless for credits .