Unsold car stuck in expired auction menu


I have an strange problem with one car.
Tried to sale it but the auction axpired finally.
Then in the menu where you can get the car back to garage its not possible.
Its there since few days and i dont have any possibility to remove it from there.

I have sold already few other cars after this situation happened and part of the cars were sold and the expired auctions didnt caused problems.
I was able to get the cars back to garage. But the one (gmc… a team van) is still there.
Any suggestions?

How many cars do you have in your garage?

At the moment 693

Garage is reduced now to 650 cars.
Meanwhile i have done an FH4 “app reset” on my pc.
Maybe it has something to do with the syncronization problem which i had since few days…
FH4 was able yesterday to synchronize the profile and the car is still there.
Its not a big problem because its a cheap car. Maybe others have similar problem?

It might be account related problem and therefore it would be best, if you contact Forza support directly.