"Unrivaled" Achievement Question

Has anyone popped this one yet? Its Beat 10 Rivals while running no Assists.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done so, but it’s not activating. Should it be in Rivals mode, or racing as well, or am I missing something? Thanks.

Turn ALL assists OFF and it will work!

Automatic gearbox and automatic clutch are assists too!

Is normal driving an assist? The game states it’s not intended for beginner or controller players.

I don’t mean assisted steering but normal as opposed to simulation.

I unlocked the achievement for winning an online race with no assists and I was using normal steering. What I think counts as “no assists”

STM: Off
TCS: Off
ABS: Off
Gears: Manual w/ Clutch

Steering can be on normal, rewinds can be on I think. Also damage can be on cosmetic.

Ahh, I forgot about clutch and gearbox. Dang, alright thanks!

I tried this with everything off even manual clutch gearbox and still won’t begin to work. What else can I do or is this acheivement a it buggy?

Only problem with forza is for this achievement it doesn’t specify what counts as assists and what doesn’t… Tried with all of the above off and steering on simulation and with rewinds off still won’t work… Does the lap have to be a clean one? Does it count beating a rival who did a dirty lap with a dirty lap?

Lap doesn’t have to be clean, you just have to beat the rivals time.
All assists off: 75% bonus (I don’t know if you can leave something on so I turned off everything there is.)

Worked for me.

Just got it! I went onto spec challenges within rivals turned everything off took my time and you can do more than one rival in a race so like the first one might be a long time go slowly and beat it by a couple of seconds to get used to it then get slightly faster and you can earn this within 2 or mor races easy peasy

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I’ve done a video to do this achievement in 10 minutes.
You can see detailed instructions here (include links to the video)
Achievements on K’

You can let Steering to Normal if needed.

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Milouse, the video explained it perfect. And I got to learn a bit more about shifting in Forza which I never do.

If anyone’s curious, Long Beach: West is also a super short ribbon to try.

Thanks for the tips everyone.

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there is a trick in Forza games to easily use the manual clutch with a X1 controller (i don’t know if you do use a wheel or this but anyway it could be useful to other players). It is not elegant, but it is effective:
set clutch to A by switching with Handbrake in settings. Set Shifting to “Manual with clutch” in Aids, and now instead of using X/B to shift down/up, use A+X or A+B. You don’t need to let got the accelerator (hence the “not elegant”), you can hear a bad clutch sound, but the clutch won’t be damaged. If it does, you need to be sure to press A before X/B (it’s really easy to get use to do this with the thumb). It’ll be second nature to do that in 10 minutes.

The same can be done with LB but it requires a little different technique. I’ve gotten used to using my middle fingers on the triggers for more precise control in Forza games though. Then I always LB+X or LB+B and I’ve found you don’t have to press them at the exact same time always.

Does everyone (or most everyone) who uses manual clutch on the controller really use A for clutch?

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Thanks for the advice, I have to try that out soon as well

I use the A for clutch.

I was able to get this achievement. I had ALL assists off, Manual W/Clutch, Sim Steering, No Driving Line, No TCS/STM, etc. I just ran Daytona with a D or E car in rivals. I ran 5 laps that were dirty making sure each lap was faster than the last and then ran 5 clean laps doing the same. It was pretty easy to do it in 10 laps if you don’t mind putting some slow laps in early.

Keep us informed :wink:

I have a problem with this achievement… what ever I try it doesn’t activate… I’ve tried the posted guide several times but no succes.
All assists are off, racing line off, manual with clutch,simulation damage rewind of… tried switching steering to normal and simulation. What am i doing wong? :s

75% credit bonus…is all assists off
Not using ANY mods
Beat 10 different rivals times
And don’t use any of the banned leaderboard cars…
1965 Mini Cooper S
1975 FIAT X1/9
1968 Abarth 595 esseesse
these 3 cars will not record a rivals lap time

Are you in a Rivals event w/ no Mods or trying to beat rivals in a race event?

I’mm racing in a rivals event… 75% racing bonus, so no assists. No mod is installed…