Unofficial Community Photo Contest Archive

Hello all,
I’d like this to be a thread to keep track of all of the unofficial contests run here in the forzatography sub-forum. My plan is to include each contest with an end date to each, and have a list of all events in one place so you don’t have to scroll through looking for each one. When voting threads open, I’ll also link those as well.

This type of thread has been run in the past, and has been a great help to many in the community. I haven’t seen any unofficial competitions started yet, but I expect there to be plenty starting soon.

Official Contest:
Week 2 Ends Morning of September 23, 2015

Unofficial Contests:

Voting Threads:

If you are running a contest and don’t see it updated in the OP just comment the link and Title in a reply here, or message me the info and I’ll add it