Unnatural understeer in FM7 with wheel.

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I play FM7 on PC with a Logitech G29 wheel.

Is it just me or is there way too much understeer in the game?


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I can’t be the only person to notice how bad turning in this game is, right? Originally I thought it was my settings so I adjusted everything I could and it’s still just as awkward. I even tried switching to cars more oriented for tracks with a lot of corners and it was barely any better. Keep in mind I play with all driver assists turned and on the hardest difficulty because I like realism and challenge, but that’s also where the problem starts to become persistent because it seems as though the AI is totally unaffected by this. Seriously, I know I’m exaggerating a bit but it feels as though the AI can go into turns at full speed and remain perfectly glued to the track. Even turning the thumbstick completely to one side seems to only result in the wheel turning a few degrees in either direction. I know this is a video game and I know someone is going to use the response “get good and don’t suck” but I’ve been to actual track days and can tell you my GTO can take a turn better than 99% of the cars in Forza 7. Has anyone found a solution to this or are all the cars cursed to forever behave like tanks?

I run a Logitech G920 wheel and experience the same with the majority of cars. You can tune the understeer out in most cases by lowering/softening your front ARB’s for better turn in, and lower front rebound dampening for better turning under acceleration.

Yeah it’s kinda the nature of the wheel driving physics in this game.

The AI takes the corners pretty slow, even on unbeatable. They get a power boosted and usually unnatural fast down straight.
The is harder in forza but the you should be able to beat them in the corners.

You can dial a lot of the understeer out with better settings and/or checking what brakes the car is using.

For over all understeer see the big “FFB is it fixed” thread on this forum for some help getting general settings dialed in. Also try to keep in mind that what you’re doing with the wheel is how far you’re turning not what you see on screen, they way things work if you stop when the animation stops you’re likely just not turning as much as you could be.

If it’s happening under braking it’s worth it to take a quick look at which brakes any given car has installed. The auto upgrade system just loves to stick street or sport brakes on. Which combined with the heavy restrictions on tires can cause instant lockup with very little pedal travel. If you just want to quickly use a car dropping back to stock will both free up a few PI for something else (or nothing if you want) and give you some more range for better control. If at all possible getting race brakes installed and adjusting the force setting will give you even better range and control.

Have you pulled up telemetry with the four friction circles while driving?
My guess is your wheel degree’s of rotation is to low and your front telemetry circles are going red way above 100% friction causing understeer.

I think that players are feeling as if theres too much understeer because they forget that due to the homologation system they are forced for the best part to use road spec tyres. They have come from FM6 where most would wang on slicks and their cars would handle as if on rails. Being so used to the old Forza’s they forget or dont realise that different tyre compounds offer greatly different grip levels, even the difference between a track focused road tyre such as a TOYO R888 and a full on race spec slick is enormous. What Im basically trying to say is that players are pushing tyres beyond their capabilities. I drive for a living, admittedly Im a class 1 truck driver and not a works racing driver, but Ive owned some seriously quick modified cars (R33 GTR, Impreza type R for example) and Ive driven them hard and IMO FM7 best represents how cars peform when pushed to the limit or more importantly pushed past it. I used those 2 cars as examples because on both I upgraded the tyres for some better quality items and the difference was immidiately obvious. Faster entry speeds into corners and better stabilty under weight tranfer were the most obvious benefits. As others have said you can tune in some better ‘turn in’ but also watch your entry speeds because as someone somewhere once said, slow in fast out!

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The only thing i do on Forza7 is freeplay with rental cars, all of which are 100% stock, and every single car i have driven with my wheel has been fine with only as much understeer as you would expect each car to have. You are either entering corners too fast, not following a good line through the corner, or are flubbing up your tune if you have upgraded the car. Even with the homologated cars I don’t notice any bad issues with understeer.

Op how much wheel experience do you have? What other titles are you comparing to ?

I’ve used a wheel for over 12 years but on and off. I’m comparing Forza with most other games I play including Raceroom Racing experience, Assetto corsa, Project cars 2 and F1 2017.

I am new to Forza though. The understeer is the only real bad thing I have noticed about the game. But it’s early days. I just wanted to know what others thoughts were.

WOW… loads of posts. Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to post. Theres some very interesting stuff been said. I would have replied sooner but been so very busy.

I’m going to keep on playing around with settings and maybe in time I’ll find something which minimises the understeer.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I find sim steering excessive oversteer… just saying.

the seat of pants feel of speed is really bad in forza as such it is very easy to overdrive a corner. Cars will understeer when you overdrive them into corners its inherent and realistic. Also, i believe many of the default setups/tunes tend to be overly safe so they tend to understeer either adjust driving to suit or adjust tune to driving.

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Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to all your posts. I’ve only just remembered to check back. (Would be much easier if they had email notifications on this forum).

You’ve provided some valuable info which I will take into consideration when I next get the time to play again. Very busy at the moment. Hardly anytime to play anything let alone setting the wheel up. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for taking the time to post. Please forgive me if I don’t post again for a while. :slight_smile:

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