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Just got back into Forza after a few years on absence, so bare with me.

Back in the days of FM2, 3 and 4, you could find unlocked cars painted with various company logos, just to save everyone time on recreating random logos when making race liveries. Seemed like a community effort just to get decent logos out there with as low a layer count as possible. It doesn’t look like any car/vinyl group being sold on the auction house or in a store front on FH3 can be sold unlocked, but will gifted vehicles stay unlocked? Or can paint jobs created with locked, purchased vinyl groups be resold?

If anyone has some logos they wouldn’t mind gifting, sending, selling unlocked, I’d be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, there is no such thing as paying for or purchasing vinyl groups. You simply download them from people’s storefronts, free of charge. Second of all, you cannot edit a paint job that someone else has made. You cannot share a paint job that features other people’s vinyl groups. Anything that is 100% your own creation can be shared, but nothing else.

So people can’t sell unlocked designs anymore? Didn’t know that, and I haven’t gotten into the booth yet too heavy yet in my three days of having the game. There use to be a huge market on the auction house for unlocked logo covered cars in the older installments.

Guess I’m making logos from scratch. Thanks for the info.

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Ah, those were the days Polish! On the Fantasy side of things I remember the FM2 ‘Hair tutorial’ Mini that showed up unannounced one day (there were plenty others but I’d be banned if I mentioned them, LoL!!) Great community tools to share techniques & help each other get started like that are a thing of the dim & distant past I’m afraid. There’s no gifting of any kind.

The easiest way to collect the logos you want without making them from scratch is to download them from the storefronts & trace them. There were some issues with the sharing system which led to a lot of the more experienced painters taking their vinyls down.

Everything you share is FREE for anyone to download, you get PAID a set amount for each download, use & ‘like’ of said design or vinyl group. If you’re thinking of making CRs in the Auction House, it’s heavily restricted according to your Painter or Tuner rank - you need to be at ‘Legend’ for it to be useful.

Personally still enjoy the game but just not quite the same way we used to - not expecting it to change though, it is what it is.

Thanks for the reply! Those were great times. Hard to believe it was nearly a decade ago.

So if I’m reading your response correctly, I can download a vinyl group, apply it, trace over it and save that new vinyl group with the ability to use it in a shareable/ sellable design of my own?

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Yes, you can download a vinyl, open it, maybe resize it, trace over it. You can then delete the original and save your traced vinyl which you can then use and/or share. Incidentally you can still save it even with the original in place whilst working on it, it’s just that it will be locked until you delete the original vinyl.

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I’m pretty sure I remember your GT from way back when!
Regardless nice to see faces coming back here and there :slight_smile:


I remember back in FM4 the drift lounge painters done some community cars with Vinyl’s on them. if I remember right the rules were you had to contribute 5+ Vinyls for the cars and you would receive the designs and if you used anybody vinyl’s you had to acknowledge them in the description. Its a shame this cant be done as it was a great thing bringing the community together. I do hope that they do bring this back for FM7 as you cant do Colab paints anymore.

Hope to see some of your designs soon! :slight_smile:

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I believe I recognize your GT as well. Were you around when every garage was fighting to get an A class car around Tsukuba in 52 seconds? My shop’s Evo 8 was the first to do it and we released it with an AMS Performance paint scheme. Then the “Lone Wolf” S Class 22B we did was fairly popular. Red and white paint scheme with a wolf down the side. Both of those cars got me and the shop mentioned on the front page of the site, back when Turn 10 cared enough to write about the community. Granted, the community was much more active back then… Hope FM7 sees a revival.

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The collaborations were amazing. Even within my garage, we’d have replica painters come together with fantasy artists to make some wicked looking designs. Those days were really something else entirely. The community was so big and active. Too many racing games out now I guess. Forza use to be innovative and it was all people had.

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